“Recollect During The Last Minute”

by takkahero

Wanaka Staying had finished…
12 days 13 nights were so short that I felt this time!

I visited there for skiing/snowboarding many times
Also I worked there as a ski tune-up staff
So that I have some good friends there

I couldn’t talk with friends about this trip because it was decided kind of suddenly
But I got a place to stay
And I got new friends there
I also could meet some Japanese who lives there, it was quite easy, though… 😉

Chris & Janina who take care of me all the time
We went to dinner with their good friends, and it was Relishes Cafe, first time for me..
There is a bowl which designed nicely for leave tips

At first, I have to say thank you to Jo who organized my bed!
She introduced Olly for me and his sleep-out was great!
Electricity, for sure! There is toilet and shower as well
I could use kitchen at main house so I have nothing to complain!!!

I went out at night time most of the days
Visited friends, restaurant or bar

I went to Wanaka for ski World Cup shooting
There were Japan National Team for Halfpipe and Slopestyle
They were so kind to me so I had nice time with them
I really hope all of them will be able to go to Sochi Olympic Game!
I appreciate they give me time for shooting during their competitions and practice days!

And this morning, Olly gave me a ride to Bus Stop from his house
I chuck my bags on his boat which is towed by his car 😉

I arrived there a little bit earlier
I had morning-cafe time which I was interested for trying once and it didn’t happen before

I felt winter-ish chilly air at today’s Wanaka
Well, it’s still winter season so…
Most of days were quite warm during my staying

Patagonia‘s Ultralight Down Hoody which I got just before I leave Japan
It’s very thin but very warm
I wore it inside of outer jacket then I could keep warm during competitions-silence movement
This is great stuff 🙂

And this is the one I always using, f-stop
This is my favorite and great stuff for camera gears!

A car with trailer which parked behind my bench at lake-front
Very original designed convertible…

I finally could see this, sheep moving
I need to watch this to feel NZ-ish lifestyle!!?

I remembered that I rolled with a car (I was back seat) around here in several years ago…
The fence which we smashed seemed fixed now…

More event was there on this bus trip…

Same bus company’s bus got rear tires burst…
Our drive had to take care of it but our timetable didn’t get that much modification
I guess that bursted bus got at least 2 hours delay..?
But they didn’t have any serious problem which is good news
Can you see a dot-bus in this photo?

Arrived at Christchurch airport at evening
I spent hours at food court until its closed

Now, this renovated airport has great facility!
I’m so happy that I visited Ken‘s house at last evening!
Thanks a lot Keiji to let me know this amazing information!!!

It opens from20:30 to 8:00
Here is Bean Bags, tables, chairs, powre-for sure, TV…
A staff stay here so I can leave my gears alone sometime
We get this smily stamp after paid $5
Then it’s free to go out and come back
Otherwise, here is no washroom…

So, I’m waiting for the flight in next early morning
Probably I will have nap after upload this blog…
Editing photos.., after going back home…

I feel a sense of fulfillment for this whole tirp
Then I don’t want to leave here!!!
This feeling is similar as when I came to NZ at first time, years ago…
Like, I have to come here back and start returning life…
I didn’t feel like this serious when I could come here back easily (?)

Ahhhhh, here is a sad news.., for myself
I missed to see Tim who gave me this Wanaka Life’s starting chance!

Thank you soooooo much for Bravo Ski and Fellow Travel!
This was a job so I should not say like this but.., I enjoyed it more than lots!
So now, I wish all the photo data works well to make nice story 😉

At the very last, I caught cold…

Perhaps I was released from pressure
Maybe I got tired from too much fun…

🙂 🙂 🙂