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Month: October, 2011

“After 7 Days”


Oh well, I smelled too much
I feel fresh and great now 🙂

When will it be next???



I left home the day before yesterday, and keep moving to Nagoya-Shinjuku-Akihabara-Ueno-Tokyo Station-Sendai.
We gathered more info at Patagonia Sendai then came to Morioka yesterday.
We head to coast area today.


It was hot and humid day
Still autumn-ish day as no cicada singing…

Magazine, Bravo Ski arrived
Few more weeks!!?

I just knew that I could watch it on live at home today
Great bench strength
Congratulation, All Blacks!!!

And now, time to go for a while!


I learned something from watching TV

Person who play sports seriously looks/feels beautiful

“The Target Goes Farther As Much As I Practice”
Well, true, I didn’t think so, though


“It Was Sudden”

Flashed a plan a few days ago and we made it
It was Curry Rice at the last time
This time was Okonomiyaki
Side dishes were beautiful!

Good surprise that it was pretty big to eat all of them
This looks like a Waffle, but it was yummy Okonomiyaki exactly

This milk, very local 😉

I thought same thing again…
I will try to keep a little bit away from booze…
Fun time during drinking but I don’t like this feeling for the next morning…


I finally did it…
Please check “NZ 11” from “Gallery” page

Soft light, comfy temperature, sweet smells these days
Food is…, too much for my stomach…

I might be able to up more photos in a few months!?

“Too Much”

Smelling nice in this season
It’s too strong for me tonight, though…

Fragrant Olive…

Are you knocked out by this smell?

Are you Okay?

“The Way To Use”

I went to Okazaki city again
Visited that Bonesetter’s director’s house
Drove to there with ZIRO on his great car

Chatted with them during taking care of their kids
They studied numbers with smart-phone App

My tummy got filled well with her YUMMY dinner as always
Especially deep fried chicken was sooooo nice!

Then back to smart-phone
Puzzle game for adults
Thought, same same game as before

Conversation was nice and relax
Old and trusted friend is one of the best treasure 😉


Was it just before this summer???
I took photos of this contest, Rose/Birthday with a flower shop
As my expecting, she designed and make great form
And it won a prize!
Congratulation Flower Shop Maruki!!!

Anybody want to get this magazine?
No more in store now…
Please check the back number of “Hanajikan”
I wonder which month’s issue it was…?


Neighbor’s wall
It was tidied up before the last winter
Getting nice taste again 🙂