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Month: September, 2011

“Midori Ga Oka Bonesetter”

I finally could visit there!
It’s just opened at Sept 13th, a Bonesetter’s office
One of my good friend from Univ. is its director
His wife is friend since she was(is?) a snowboarder
Q about body for Director
Fun conversation with Wife
I promise that they treat you very nicely
Well, there is additional bonus points about their information
But, you should go and feel it at the end!!!

“Director Reflected from Outside”

“Typical Design”

“Relaxing Space for Waiting”

So, it was advertise about them from myself

~Midori Ga Oka Bonesetter’s Office (Green Hill Bonesetter’s Office)~
It locates at Okazaki city, Aichi Pref., Japan!!!

“Smart Design”

Train which I used a few days ago
Design for seats for the aged or the physically handicapped
It was quiet time and I had lots of baggages
This long couch style gave me comfy trip
Then I found this colors
I like it!

“New Stuff”

A car which one of my friend bought impulse buying
On its automobile book, this name is “Honda Canada”

Thank you for Magazines

In this issue…
Page for content
Thank you for you too, Junpei!

And this is “FallLine

I didn’t have chance this time……, need to use another flash!

Snowboard Film company
INDRES Formation
New movie in store now!!

Check them and  let’s start to prepare for this coming winter!!!

“The Way Back Home”

About 11 hours flight between Auckland and Kansai

No drowsiness hours from morning to evening
Great hours to watch movies
Princess Toyotomi, Super 8, X-Men:First Class, Gulliver’s Travels, Star Watching Dog
When I look at outside, it was above Japan-Land

The last dinner at Wanaka, NZ was lots of Spareribs
So much thanks to Chris and Janina!

Left Wanaka at night, then arrived at Airport before sunrise

Flying Movie Theater-Like Machine to head for Japan

Departure and Arrival was from Kansai Airport this time
I visited one of my friend since we were student, after 15 years…
I stayed at their house in Osaka and nice blue sky made me happier

After fun night with him, we had Okonomiyaki for next blunch

I came home smoothly

Is it colder September this year?


Fun time passes sooooo quickly as usual
Less than 24 hours left to stay in Wanaka now…
Well, what did I do for last a month?

I visited friend’s house to have dinner
They always Japanese style so I can relax easily
I wrote about them a few blogs before, didn’t I?
I bought a white wine, named “Tiki” this time
This name is from a charm of Maori who start to live in this land at first
My impression with poor tasting+vocabulary, it’s easy to drink and nice one…!

I went skiing today, 1st day of private ski in this winter
I paid half price of afternoon ticket with my friend’s discount
Well, it’s pretty surprise that lift ticket price rising so fast in these few years

And met Kea after several months

Bus at tomorrow night from Wanaka
Then my travel to Japan is non-stop…

Next blog will be from Japan, I guess

“After The Last Event of TNFNZFSO”

I went to Remarkables Ski resort  for Big Mountain competition yesterday
We left home in early morning to have breakfast at McDo
When we arrived at mountain, there was quite strong wind…

Head to a replaced face for competition after I got ticket
I didn’t see any blue in the sky but there was some of them in the forecast
Poor visibility with some snow fall and cloud
Competition stopped often due to that condition
It wasn’t so fun to stand on cliff at the middle of the slope
Athletes has to jump off cliffs after minutes waiting, sounds not fun at all…

There was some skiers again,,,
One of them were winner of its Halfpipe competition
He entered this Big Mountain comps as well
Maybe it was for fun (excuse me if it was wrong) but he has skills to ski down this terrain
Strange snow or rocky slopes, he can enjoy it
Yes, he can ski!
I really respect them who don’t sort out categories and enjoy as one sport

And Janina who is giving me a comfy room to stay, it was her birthday on this day
She got 2nd place
She was 3rd at Halfpipe…

At that night, she held her birthday party at her place
Lots of friends came to celebrate
There were many friends of mine so it was so fun!
And the amount of drinks were crazy…, for me at least
Also enjoyed to watch RWC together

Diva spent his own world in that laud room

There was lots more people behind me, for sure!

Around sink right after party at home…
Everyone moved to a bar afterwards…, but not me
There was filled buckets at outside as well

Blunch for sleep-in morning
It was my first time to have nice coffee at cafe for this tirp…

Weather forecast changes often these days
I thought there will be some sunny day before I leave…

“To the Ski Hill”

I woke up with dazzling sunshine after a while
Found wet surface at garden
Gathered infos, then started to move around noon

“Colorful View In Front of the Door”

“Branch shows some spring taste”

We went to neighbor town ski resort to check some terrain
I found the luggage stock area is quite rough…
Probably no one doesn’t want to touch……

Big Mountain competition delayed until Saturday
And this is the face of its final competition
Skied just next of it and there was quite good snow!

Oh, it was my 1st day of this winter for skiing I guess
My legs started burn very soon…
It was so good-fun day, it was a little bit chilly, though


Sunshine came back!
So that I had a walk along the lake
I could find many nice things to see, because walking speed

There was some waves with some wind
I love this sound, again!
I could enjoy this sound forever, if it wasn’t that chilly temperature

Here is another Black Peak, up-side-down

I met a friend on the way
She was driving
If our movement went faster or slower even just several seconds, there was no chance to see
I feel the chance from like this situation
I wonder how long time I know her
At least I know more than 10 years now…
She had baby at her’s rear seat
I wish you will have happy life, Shazza Mama!

“Life at Inside”

I’m still staying at inside…
I wonder that weather get calm and friendly…
Where is spring-like weather?
And my toe’s chilblains is quite itchy…

The sky with looks fresh air makes me happy, that appeared sometime

This product name is really suit on it
I always make this where I can buy Parmesan cheese cheaper than Japan
I didn’t use it for a dish yet but tasting was GREAT!

Less than 10 days left in NZ…

“Holding Now”

It’s worse weather forecast these days
Non-Sightseen-Guy stay at inside…

I went to feeding for chicken with my friend
Smell of air at outside is much better than inside of it
That was it which I found out, again

World Cup Rugby is holding now
NZ is its host country this time
Our Japan did well at last night
And their next game is vs. All Blacks
Should I go to watch it at bar or at home…

Here is a TV channel Maori Television
They use Maori language and I then I don’t understand anything…
Well, they shows all the game of this world cup by free
There is another channel to show but need to pay
And pricy one is all on time
Still Maori TV shows each important games!

I wonder if I will go skiing with nice calm weather soon…