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Month: October, 2012

“Days with Lots of Football”

I went to Toyota stadium to watch a game at 2pm
30th game of this season, J1 League, Grampus vs Marinos

Grampus got first goal at 42 minutes of 2nd half!
Then Shunsuke got the goal in additional time…, and it was drawn game

My first time to watch J1 league was fun 🙂
Watching the game at stadium is very nice as I could guess!

Huge queue of audiences to go back to home…

About 1 hour later since I came back home, I headed to play Futsal
We started at 7pm, then finished at 11pm
Pretty tough for our body but so fun hours 🙂

My legs might get cramp tonight…?


Powder Magazine of USA
There is November’s issue now but I just received October’s one
I am in a topic as a strange Japanese I guess- I need to read it at first…
And there is another news for me, one of my photo is there 🙂
I’ve checked it on the web but it’s much better to see it on paper magazine!
One of the happy stuff from today


This Friday’s movie on TV
Twentieth Century Boys TV edition, #3
I hope Kenji come through this path again with his sweet bike…

Extra Stuff here…
Please click the photo above and play with it 😉

“From Beach To City”

I escaped (?) from there after helped to set the field up
I wonder how that Beach Soccer Competition was held this Sunday?

I went to the city, Nagoya today (Sunday) by myself
For watching Banff Mountain Film Festival in Japan 2012 at Nagoya
I watched all of those 12 films
I had watched couple of them on the web already but with its big screen and good sound system was GREAT!
Especially, I liked “Reel Rock: Origins-Obe & Ashima” and “SPOIL”
I like “All.I.Can” a lot, but I have this DVD and watched lots of times… 🙂

It’s still keep going, 4 more times in Japan
If you haven’t been, you should check them out, superb talented people’s movie!
Banff Mountain Film Festival in Japan 2012

I found another art stuff between buildings in narrow space
I don’t think it’s good way to show because it’s not their own canvas…
Anyway, I like this graffiti, not shitty stuff so I cut this angle off

I walked from Sakae to Kanayama without any great reason
Nice weather and nice walk in quieter side of city

Now, time to go to bed……

“Good To Buy”

I joined to shopping crew for their weekend event
Obu, Nagoya then Nagashima
There is so many interesting stuff at wholesale store
It was tough to control my mind to stop buying them…

I visited Ziro‘s place to watch soccer at night
Ummmm, 60 inch TV, pretty good…
And I forgot to take photo of that as usual…

Here is a ski magazine to get image how to play at natural terrain
I hope many Japanese can find those enjoyable terrain which locate everywhere at ski hills
Even though there is no powder and hard face, it’s still fun!
Anyway, this pow-turn shot seems nice 🙂


== Saturday ==
Andy told me that he sent some stuff to me by courier on Friday
And I received it on the next day, Saturday
Great job, fast enough!
There is my favorite f-stop gears and beers which brewed in Nagano…
Let’s do warming up for that gear before the winter start!

== Sunday ==
I accompanied before this Futsal team from my local area before and I did it today again
Well, I don’t do coaching, did photo shooting of their competition
It was for U-12 this time
Everyone played well!
When I was their age, we didn’t do sole-control that much
Ummm, probably Futsal and Soccer is very different…
Anyway, they played well!

Photo is its coaches, looking at the ground before the game started

“From Old Date, Yesterday”

I went to hospital to see my friend who got serious injury
It’s obviously tough one but I really hope she goes forward well!
I will visit you again!

I was nervous to go into this clean and fine hospital…

The traffic in big city is fun, sometime

I went to a ex-high school after sunset
There was a similar festival as the one at Takikawa, Hokkaido on February-Lantern Festival
Here, Tokoname is one of the oldest pottery’s historical place in Japan
There is a festival, “Tou and Tou’s day” on 10th of October…, well, there is a rhymed verse in that name in Japanese…
Anyway, I had nice mellow minutes there

Afterward, I went to play Futsal, then meeting at Family-Restaurant until midnight
Somehow we have fun conversation with same topic every time…

“Autumn Fall”

Autumn-ish weather here
So comfy and fresh air!
So now, I start to miss the hot humid summer…?

Winter is coming closer… 🙂

“Fourteen Days”

I could wait for 2 weeks by the doctor’s advice
It wasn’t great weather for those days, was good for me

Then soccer time at Saturday night after 2 weeks!
Well, I forgot to take photo of them…
My leg was good, no pain at all so I’m happy 🙂
Let’s keep that trains which my friend Doctor ECY先生 told me a week ago

We went to the same family-restaurant afterwards
There was some serious topics about coaching for kids until midnight

I shall keep taking care of my body 😉

“The Way to See”

The wind calmed down after Typhoon had gone
And it was pretty hot day today…

I found a few things

Railway curves softly

This utility pole and the that door
Perhaps those 2 apart a lot
Though, those seems quite close each other…

By the way, I don’t think its ratio of height and width changes that much because the perspective…?