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Month: May, 2013


Editing with new friend
Nice to see photos with bigger screen 🙂
Though, still my eyes get dazzle sometime…
There is lots of happy faces in there so I also feel happy, again!

Rain is not dropping now…
I guess there is soccer game tomorrow night..?

“Is It Already Like That Season?”

Before the weather arrives upon my hometown, enjoy to play with ball 🙂

Before rain make wet the box, push the return key… 😉

Though, I like the sound of dropping rain
I prefer to go outside…

“Petit Sightseeing in Osaka”

After a fun night at Osaka…
Had a light breakfast at business hotel
Chill out at room again until check-out time
Moved to another car-park to catch up with Shoo & Sae

Arrived at there a little bit earlier so Ziro and I took a walk

Found the sign up there
1 night stay at hotel with ¥380!!?
There is a term but it’s real

Menu sample of a cafe
The color of strawberry for pancake is green…
Looks like chocolate cake at lower shelf, but it’s for white sandwich’s……
I guess they have been workking very hard for long time 😉

Shoo & Sae joined to use and head to early lunch
Entered there right after they opened
Long green onion stuff was so yummy!!!
When we came out the restaurant, there was long queue out there

Another walking on the way back to car-park
Steps by cat on someone’s dusty car…

Sae on fashionable refined shoes…
Thank you to join and took us to fun places!

And I’m at home now after few hours drive with Ziro

Again, Pocky & Kanako, congratulation for your marriage! 🙂

“Wedding at Osaka”

2nd wedding in this month
I joined to it as a photographer today 😉

Osaka is the place
I don’t remember when I came to Osaka at last time…
Ziro and I left Tokoname in this early morning and then we could arrived at Osaka in time easily!

Cookie for participants

Doll of the bride and groom which was on wedding cake
Yes, they are snowboarder!
I had been photo shooting with this groom “Pocky” couple of times

The sign for Wedding Party at evening
2nd party

Before we head back to Hotel…
3 of us, team Aichi dropped in a Izakaya-Japanese bar
Its chair is the case of Sake is quite nice idea!
And Sae of Shoo joined to us, just one girl makes the atmosphere shiny 😉

Sae lead us to Mr glico during our short walking
So, posing like him as typical tourist..?

Mt glico, up-side-down in river

One of a guide to get back to hotel, showroom of Lamborghini
There is some other luxury car showrooms in the same area like Ferrari and McLaren
I felt big city style

Pocky for souvenir from Pocky!
It was like this when I went to Nabe-chan’s 2 weeks ago
Snack brand collaborate like this these days?
I can’t eat it, too nice to break it…
Well, I ate Nabe-chan’s but I opened it very gentle and keeping it!

Congrats Pocky & Kanako!

“To Okazaki”

I had secret meeting today, was it secret??
I thought it’s quite close, 10km driving
It takes about 30 mins in bigger city in Japan..?
I had been driving at quieter area without signal for a while, so…
I’m sorry for my late arriving, anyway……

Then we went 2 cafes in a few hours somehow
And it was finished by my battery ran out at the end

I will go to Osaka to see, feel and shoot my friend’s happy day
I should better to go to bed right now!


Tried to make it
Clear Ice
There is bubbles at the middle of ice which made by normal fridge, isn’t there?
I noticed that smells against liquid and so I googled it

Then, I poured too much… 😉


I could meet to nieces right after I came back home from snow field
They got a hut stuff from a crab restaurant where we went to have dinner together
The thing of their interested is so interesting
Well, I know everyone has different sense
But, kid’s choice is always looks fun and fresh feeling for my older sense 😉

I went to a part of big city, Nagoya to day for meeting with a guy
We had lunch at cafe-looks restaurant and tried to gather informations for attempt from him
And he gave me more energy, even though I already got enough emergency stuff around my tummy…

This guy who has lots of info is.., Yuji
I sent message to him because I thought he has plenty information about mountains
And yes, he has a lot of them!
He is really nice guy
His parents come from my hometown originally so conversation with him were so interested!
Yuji is running climbing gym around Nagoya, “ZU-THÔNES
I would love to go there when I got time
Better to check it out, looks full of fun space there!

Futsal at night!
I still look forward to go back on snow so I play not that much hard as I can
Ummm, I can’t move well for now so it was still pretty good exercise, though
Thank you for all of you who always ask me to play with!

So much fun!
Getting too warm to feel comfy!

I should better to do photo editing in my PC ASAP…

“Off Shot”

Relaxing moments during photo shooting trip
It’s fun because there is great company to go with
Lots more taste with great company to go with
Great company to go with…
Thank you for all of your effort, INDRES Formation!

At first, a view from Hotel Senjojiki at Komagatake
There is Mt Fuji in the distance when it’s nice weather 🙂

Director of INDRES Formation
Bring his gears to film riders wherever they go

Fortunately we could listen playing horn at Senjojiki
It feels pretty good to have like this chance at higher mountain

Faces of crew at Komagatake
Showing big smile before their walking down to our car!

I found this sign on the way to Yuzawa from Komagatake
I will try to make time to have it for next chance
Does anyone know that nice and yummy info?
What is “Romen” anyway???

Crew for shooting at Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort

This is a lunch break at a place
There is tons of bugs flying around, no chance do shooting…
Soooooo annoy!

Micro Video Camera, getting super good performance
This one has brilliant stuff for super slow mode

There is tough tension sometime
There is mellow and easy atmosphere sometime
Trying to do the best shooting as much as they can

Just go forward to make own taste 🙂

“20th Week of 2013”

Actually it was on 19-20th week 😉

I joined to wedding party of my friend Nabe-chan
So happy for them, thanks for sharing that great atmosphere!

I drove during night after that wedding party
Visiting Senjojiki Curl at Komagatake!

There is still lots of snow above 2600M
The view from there is so nice to see!
We still can go skiing/snowboarding over there until the end of May
They regulate activity for alpine flora from June

Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort in Niigata after that Komagatake shooting
I joined to INDRES Formation over there again

This shot is from detour with Hama-chan’s bird’s car-navigation system 😉

We went back there again, “Ishin”
Everyone play with smart-phone to divert their hunger…

So glad to have normal size and satisfied with it!
I finally could take it, avoid extra but free noodle after 3 times visiting with yield to temptation

Bowl menu at BBQ shop “Ishi Dora”

“Sekiyama” where very friendly lady waits on customers
I hesitate to pick one up for a while and chose fish dish finally but it was run out…
But, thick ginger pork dish was yummy!
I guess the volume of rice in this area is bigger than the other places
And if you take big size, it becomes much bigger than the other places…

This season will be finished in 2 days at Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort
There is still nice terrain park with good shape
Look forward to come back in several months!

The last dinner with 3 of us for finishing this shooting trip
“Echigoya”, its entrance interior is beautiful
There is huge Rice-Ball menu there but I didn’t have enough motivation to take it…
Everything taste great with yummy rice from this area!

I went to drive with Shoo on the way back home
Dropped by Nozawa-Onsen
I think I did ski at this slope when I was Jr High School student…?
I counted how many years ago…, and it was a quarter of century

And then there is Norikuradake on almost the way back home
Another hiking time for the last moment

Started hiking around 2:30pm, late…
We planed no skiing and took light gears
Walked on bus-road to go up, then came down on snow and bamboo

The scene is very spring
Well, it’s already middle of May
But there is some snow left at some places…

To be continued…?

“Been to 3 Thousands”

There is still some snow left on the mountain!
I made plan with Shoo to find snow and shooting for a few days

This destination decided at late night, then I had to leave home in an hour to meet him in time…

Anyway, Shibu-Pass was the first place to go after 2 hours sleep
It was chilly and some snow on trees like winter-look
But there is not much good snow left on the ground…

Here is a shot which prove we came here

We went to Otari where we had sun tan in this early spring
The road to go higher is still closed, so we jumped in outside Onsen to finish the day activity

And, we drove to Norikura-Kogen in that day

Nice blue sky in morning!
First time visiting for us at Norikuradake!!
Spring-ish weather made us feels happier!!!
We had mellow morning time at car park

We heard it would take about 7 hours to get to the peak but we didn’t
We didn’t think to go to the peak but we felt easy somehow and so, we did
We found some Ptarmigan on the way

It was like, we expected a little bit more climbing to the peak but it wasn’t
Even happier!
It was after a while to be at higher than 3000M for me 😉
at peak

My legs got tired but feels so nice
Chocolate ice taste so nice as well at car park!

We headed to higher place in next day but we just walking around its observatory

Head to another mountain tomorrow!
Great snow, please make us happy again 🙂