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Month: January, 2011

“Japanese Lesson -Sumimasen-“

This is quite useful Japanese when you get thirsty…

Sumimasen! from Tokonamekin on Vimeo.


I visited a muffin shop in Niseko with my Canadian friends to do interview
Its owner is real local of Niseko
Over 60 years skiing here…
He listen to new stuff but still never lost his theory
That shop is kind of far back from main streets
Really nice one that you need to taste and feel
There is salty one as well with nice yummy sweets one
I might be filled with those muffin for a day feeding myself

They welcome us from their preparing time
And we got muffins as well

We went skiing together after interview
It was so nice to listen his stories
This is the one which I am impressed…

“I prefer windy, poor visibility days rather than nice and clam day. And so I can feel something from mother nature and it makes me happy and fun!”

Well, he is the BUM!



Finally I could find them yesterday
We head to shooting from today
It’s very interesting to see the difference of start timing
And I missed one of it today…
I should keep my brain awake

Another crew for tomorrow
I will try my best for them who take care of me all the time, and enjoy!


“No Change (In Good Meaning I Reckon)

Kutchan getting white color day by day
Down Jacket is getting busier
It’s easier to drive snow-covered road as usual than icy frozen one

Meanwhile, my toes get change…
I felt pain today
This itchy stuff doesn’t change these several winters…

I met a friend after several years
They came to Japan from Canada
She changed her hair for long to short
“No  change” she said, so I said same thing…
Well, her lifestyle seems changed I guess

I decide that I start to wake up in earlIER morning from tomorrow
I had a opportunity for it today

“Let It Be”

We went to Moiwa today
Lots of students of school trip were there
Quad lift was broken until noontime but ran afterwards
Just few general public was there
The sky colored blue against weather forecast
I was thinking to go back home at noon but delayed until the last lift operation
Well, it was so nice day!!!  🙂



The stormy puking snow fall had gone
It’s more usual mode these days
It make relaxing mellow feeling for me

It made me kind of tired at last one…

I’m in mellow mode

“Lazy Days”

My movement become super slow since my friend went back to Europe…
But still try to go out at night
We went to a bar which one of my friend running but I didn’t see her
That bar decorated by old Japanese poster, erotic table, Chinese-ish wall…
It’s funny atmosphere but there is also nice sitting area to relax

I looked outside from inside
Gray sky puke white stuff extremely…

I put a sticker of my friend’s sponsor which attached with their DVD
Sticked on the apple logo
It shine like this in the dark from today

The view from window is like this when I get up in morning
Cars covered like this everyday
Well, when I stay at home for a while…, ummmm……

I will go out from tomorrow
And tomorrow will be a little bit windy


My friend went back to Europe a few days ago
They did filming for next winter’s DVD all days in deep fresh snow
And I got some present at their last day here
Well, they left Niseko at 3am, had drink till 2…

A ski movie which one of my friend is in it, all the skiers are girls
There is no crazy stuff like these days young boys
But the girls who does well in world class competition are so good and strong!

And then here is another ski movie which these boys are in it
up and down

Maybe these 2 aren’t in shop in Japan…
But I hope girls-women-females skier watch this movie, “AS WE ARE“!!!

And, here is a “Riggler” beanie which one of them are sponsored by
It’s really colorful one but fitting with my new ski jackets color!

And then, the Chocolate
Mozart is drawn on wrapping, any relation?
It becomes good friend with PC job for the moment

Another shooting crew from Canada arrive here in a week
Friends and another crew from US will be here on February
Lots of things to join and have fun
I need to find time to go shooting with Japanese friends also!

So, it getting busier and busier, feels nicer and fun fun fun!


Surprisingly snow storm brought lots of snow and it’s getting calm now. But it’s still Hokkaido climate, still keep snow falling well. And my friends from Europe came over with this storm and so they got nice powpow shots without bluesky as our typical weather.
It’s cold for waiting and too much snow to get focus on them, my camera lock-on the snow flakes often…

Many of this filming crew from Europe are suppoted by “sweet
It’s Norwegian brand
Its color is nice Scandinavian-ish color pattern
My wear “NORRØNA” is also come from Norway and nice colors
sweet” seems nice quality as well
Ummm, I saw their helmet in Japan before…


Other sweets

They have back, and other protectors as well but here is nice helmet

Tomorrow is the last shooting day with them
Most days were from early morning so, I will sleep in soon…


Feel sorry to see my car…
I want to stay inside…
My back get stiff after PC hourssss…
I should better to move…

The red almost covered by white…

Need to drive slower than 40km/h if I don’t want to crash into something…

I will join to shooting from tomorrow but…
Forecast looks like same as today for next a few days…