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Month: February, 2012

“Other Shots of Shooting”

I thought we would go somewhere else but we are still here
Still we go to other places, not this close area…

Mr T is my neighbor in this few days

Steps on wet snow in this morning

Icicle grow-down underneath of Mr T’s bedroom
Temperature went down quickly from this evening

I relax at this cafe again tonight
Here is today’s 2 hard workers together (Mr T and 102)

I like this cafe a lot 🙂

“Came Homy Place”

Well, I go back home everyday, though
Ummmm, this place is the most high percentage to stay, so…

I came back to Niseko from Takikawa where the last topic, Lantern Festival place
I had this dangerous stuff after meeting of Lantern’s
I ate this as yummy sherbet, but booze is alcohol…

I went shooting with Mt Tayagaki yesterday with too much thinking
After traverse-like skinning, we found Kiroro in neighbor

Then I arrived at Niseko at last night
To join to Yama-chan son’s Birthday party who works for BONTAK
Kids talk with their minds
They have infinite ability, don’t they?

And Dad relax at same right side of comfy couch

I went to Niseko Moiwa ski resort, again
It was quite windy but we had fun 2 runs!

After noon time Onsen, I put inside of my car order and I found Ebisu god
I remember that he came here at the end of last December…

And now, I’m at a cafe for whole afternoon
Here is no usual shop in Kutchan but this one appeared from this year is very nice too
I found Chuck who runs Hokkaido Powder Guides here
His hobby is researching more and more info of new interesting skis
He manages this free-use iPad here and enjoying net-skiing

So now…, tomorrow…, or tonight?
Will I leave Niseko?
I guess so…
My home is waiting for me over there… 😉

“Lantern Fes.”

I was in Takikawa city to help Osamu-san who does executive committee of Lantern Festival
It was great weather all day long yesterday
And, but(?), it was cold…

This corner changed to…

Like this!

Paper bags on the streets changed to…

Warm and mellow colors!

Walk free way area changed to…

Interested looks!

Some people made nice design to feel difference…

It was great event for sight and heart

If you want to know more detail of it, please click the URL below but in Japanese
10th Anniversary Lantern Festival in Takikawa

“to Takikawa”

I came to Takikawa city earlier than first plan
I passed through Iwamizawa on the way, and I found a pedestrian bridge covered with snow…

I arrived at Takikawa city afternoon
Helping their Lantern Festival on 18th is the one
And I catch up with Osamu-san at its main site

The first job for me was looking at papers which is fixed some letters, comes out from photocopier

I guess this vending machine keeps beer warmer over here…?


It was very cold day at Kiroro so that we finished skiing after a few runs…
Then I drove to Chitose Airport to pick my friend Shinkai Pro
Then we went to Sapporo city at that night

We went to another space to watch stunts

It was much warmer in Sapporo Dome 😉

Joined to INDRES Formation crew and had booze

One of INDRES made an art with his drunk sense…
“Soy  Sauce Tree”

It was first time for myself to visit Sapporo Winter Festival
I wonder if these fresh sea foods disappear after this event…

Ziro was in Hokkaido for 4 nights and its time passed so fast
He fight with a tree at the day before his last day…

We went driving on the way to Chitose Airport
I need like this opportunity to do sightseeing during winter…

I’m at this cafe again, to spread the stuck stuff of photos and muscle fatigue


Pretty busy month now
It makes me feels much better, though

I went to Sapporo at first
Catch up with Shu from same prefecture
We had yummy Soup-Curry of Hokkaido
And it was soooo nice!

Then we head to Snowboarder’s big air competition at Sapporo city during its winter festival
It was very cold…

And then, I drove to Kiroro at night time for photo shooting in next day
Well, the road was closed during night time for winter…

I went to Kiroro from early morning
There was lots of faces and lots of fun, supposed to
We knocked out by wind and cold…
We stopped because lifts stopped…

And now, I’m at Chitose city
Pick up Ziro who will arrive at airport in 30 mins from same hometown

I met a French guy at Tohoku area at last autumn, Monsieur Carnet
He was on NHK TV for introducing his project
With strong mind, everyone can find him/her easily
Frédérick Carnet
He is really nice and interesting guy 😉


From Niseko to Kiroro
And they gave me a room to stay at hotel!

There is beautiful lights above me

There is a empty plate of sweets and glasses of beer below me

There is dressed up window when I wake up

I had like this chillaxing sleep days
And I found myself…
It’s pretty hot to sleep in nice buildings
I slept once during this trip and it was so comfortable about temperature-wise

I changed window wiper but only driver’s side to high quality model
Well, it’s much better than cheap one obviously

“2nd Half of Furano ~ Niseko”

I joined to people who work together with this trip at Ryounkaku, Tokachidake Onsen
Long life turtle welcomes me

I met a fox who waits for yummy feed from human after last winter
She waits for hours in very cold then yellow color changed to silver

I read this poem couple of times on chopstick case

We made it dry at the last night of staying there
It was pretty good!!!

I thought it would be moving day for the day after that whisky night
But it was nice weather so that why we don’t go skiing?
It was nice mellow 2 hours ski touring around volcano steam
Then the way to Niseko was tough for my eyelid…

And, Niseko was snowing well
The peak didn’t open today but still there is lots of place to eat powpow
Enjoyed pow-turn without thinking physical strength, then all fatigue came suddenly…
I passed out on the table at friend’s home

Quick work just before dinner
The guy who stand up in front is this trip’s organizer Ian
Another guy sitting is a major ski magazine‘s writer, Porter

Pizza for dinner
First time to go there for myself at Niseko Pizza

Dessert is also Pizza
“Chocolate Pizza”
Actually it is delicious!

We had great and more than full dinner with Ian‘s friends. Pro-Golfer Aaron and his wife Kelly, architect designer Makoto as well
It was very nice company!

So now, I feel kind of sick from eating too much…
Too luxury for Ski/Photo-bum, isn’t it?

Well, tomorrow breakfast will be Pizza of left over…