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Month: June, 2012

“This Saturday”

Gecko comes back again!
Please eat all the flying guys around entrance

I could choose soccer or futsal on this Saturday night 😉
Then I went to play soccer and cramped on the half way…
Poor my legs… I need to train a little bit to enjoy more

After kicking ball, we went to drink beer, not coke stuff this time
With my tired body, 3 glasses was enough to get drunk
Well, it was tasty and very fun time!

Picking photos up for my website since last week
Haven’t go quickly at all…
I need to complete it in a week time, though…

“Typhoon Had Gone”

It wasn’t blue sky for the next day but it was calm and nice day

And playing Futsal for the night
This team play every 2 weeks time
And they play well and I need to run more than other time but it’s so fun!

Then went to Coco’s afterward
And then, went to Nagoya to pick a man up with a company
It was fun to talk with older person, who is one of my good friend’s father ;-P

It has been rainy season-like weather this year
I hope it won’t be extreme and so rain sound make me calm
But no rain for the soccer/futsal days…

“Typhoon Day”

Dropped in a place on the way to another place
Finally I bought this glasses, JINS PC
Colored on the glass just a little bit
So, I do color edit without it, then wear it most of other time
Also this TV CM actress Yu Aoi is pretty cute…
I hope this new item treat my eyes well

Typhoon is coming here now
Probably here is already in a storm zone…?
So, storm door comes out
I like this door because it makes room really dark and fun
Well, warm and humid air stuck in room…, it’s not good for this season


I joined to a party which my friend organized
Then drank too much
I became super lazy man for the next day
It’s very nice to have fun time with drinking, though
Soon, I need to know about 80% capacity of my booze-tank…

I’m trying to change photo gallery’s data these days
Checking all the photo in my HDD
Then picked up for the first stage was too much to show
And so it’s time to choose for 2nd stage data
My eyes get some small stars now
There is a glass company making glass for PC work here
It’s very interested but seems there is a little bit color on its glass
I prefer to look the color without any things between my eyes and stuff…

I will do another blog to introduce my renewal homepage info soon!

“After Tokyo Walking Trip”

Doing a thing which I wanted to try for a long time
Started to find a stone at first
I found a shop with this specialist owner at nearby hometown!
He gave me some tips how to do quickly
So, I will see what will happen now…

Rain season start at Aichi prefecture
Rain stopped by noon time so it was no problem for the night
So fun to play Futsal!
Here is Mr KazG (white) who is 50+ but still doing well!

“Tokyo Walking!”

Headed to Tokyo by night time bus
It was really walking trip
I left home at Sunday night, then back home on Wednesday morning
I stayed at my friend’s place who I did chat on internet after few years
Internet is great!
So, I make this blog with photos

Towards to Tokyo Station in early morning

A scene at a quiet alley

It seems able to go into the water…, is this a pleasure boat?

Skytree, the new sightseeing spot in Tokyo
There was lots of people in weekday! (Though, I didn’t go up there)

Another sightseeing spot, Asakusa’s Kaminari-Mon (gate)
i-Pad works as a camera everywhere…

Colored same as wall, like camouflage

I didn’t check what kind of shop for, but they made queue there for a while

I don’t know which one is for which one…, too much signs

Rules of perspective is wrong in the big city most of the time

Yes, there is narrow sky

An angle of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
I always imagine the fortress…

Night view from the last visiting place

This trip wasn’t for sightseeing
Thank you very much to whom concerned for making time for me!

So, I moved most of the place by my foot, about 90 % of this Tokyo staying
So? What this “so” mean…
Anyway, I walked very well, kind of too much and my legs almost cramped

== Impression ==
There are so many clear skin girls in Tokyo…
I didn’t check any boys at all, but girls are really white
Whiter than Caucasian, seriously
And one more thing…,
So many bicycles there
I needed to look around me all the time otherwise someone could hurt me…

When is the next time for me to visit that busy city???

“The Time of Night”

Played full court soccer after several months
Changed kicking style because I accepted my age, finally
Though, I tried to play as before, like when I was teenager at the last time…
Well, my ankle is not flexible as much as before……
And  no more enough power to support my body well……
So, I found easier position and style for my present condition, I guess…
Look forward to play next time!

Meeting after playing
At the same family restaurant
With same fellows
But there are new faces at staff side…

Asian World Cup Soccer last qualifying round starts tonight
I really pray and hope Japan will do well!