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Month: April, 2013

“Spartan Of Weekend”

I joined and did shooting to this yearly event again
INDRES Formation presents, “SPARTAN Mega Max Camp 2013”

There was a party on the eve of Camp 🙂
Well, I helped some construction work during day time, though
It was nice weather and fun hours with its coaching snowboarders

Then, party time!
That ski resort gave us this chance to have party at restaurant at middle of the hill

There was interesting item at outside for another event…
How we could ignore it?
So, another “Kanpai” by riders in action

Camp was 2 days on Saturday and Sunday
It is very spring season normally…
10% of blue sky, 40% of cloud and 50% was snow with some wind…
But Campers were tough enough to enjoy their passional sport!
I also could enjoy its atmosphere through my finder

One of its event schedule, “Ayumi Hamazaki’s Castle
There was a body guard who play Rugby, stood in front of the Princess
But a camper escaped him easily and the game finished in short time 😉
I watched this game from the top, and campers approaching looked like attack of zombie as some movie…

It was so nice to join to this event for myself
I’m pushing keys to do upload and show these photos on the web ASAP, but only for campers
Please count another thousand sheep!

Thanks Dinner after all the jobs done

The last greeting was right in front of that restaurant entrance

Then we headed back to that ski hill again
That ski resort gave another great chance for our shooting in next day!
It was really nice weather…, easy to spend time at outside

Here is some materials during our staying for another night

We don’t know who it was, but one of us wore toilet slippers to the entrance…

We don’t know who it was,  but one of us wore slippers for outside to our room…

I don’t tell who it was but everyone asserted that it wasn’t us, except for a guy…
Than man (already 2 girls are out of game 😉 ) wore its slippers for outside to his car when we leave…
Then he had to came back to grab his shoes…

Seki Onsen Ski Resort, thank you for your flexible dealing with us
Sanso-Cottage Kanna, thank you for your warmth and relaxing space for our staffs
Ryokan-Hostel Tomiya, thank you for taking care of 120 campers and our party night
INDRES Formation, thank you for welcome me all the time!

I’m so happy that you shared those great time with me!
So now, Tokonamekin will go away
I guess going way very soon… 😉

“Flow of Time of Yesterday”

It was pretty busy at last night somehow, and so I do update this topic today but about yesterday

In the earlier morning, warp to neighbor prefecture!

I followed friends for their event meeting on this weekend
Then I suggested few things to those digger-riders as a troublesome meddling-photographer…

This is that ski hill’s vending machine
At the middle of it, 2 of popular energy drink there but in another company’s box!

There is something interesting stuff at outside of staff room

We headed to location-hunting after that meeting
Our gaze met this antelope’s
Antelope, isn’t he?

We were surrounded by mist which I image a witch comes out from

An old historic sports drink can lies down as it avoid human’s eye

Well, we didn’t have chance to do skiing at all but still there was fun hours of yesterday

And today, we did more walking for today

I will go to stay another place from tomorrow for the event of weekend
Look forward to enjoy the party time 🙂

“Unbelievable Drop”

During this weekend, I joined to KAMP K2
I had really enjoyed those 3 days and so I didn’t notice my body got quite tired
There was some telemark ski testing chance so I picked up one of them
Well, my ski is my own natural tune-up, and this K2 ski is almost new condition
There is nice edge with flat base…
I need more practice to control ski better
I also tried snowboard with their boots and binding
It was great fun feeling!

I came back to Hakuba at last night and headed to touring with INDRES crew again
That area was same as the last 3 days with them
And I remembered this INDRES director lost his gears twice in 3 days touring (last 2 blogs.., 1, 2)
That was so funny

We had few hours hiking today against our mellow feeling
So hot to start hiking and sweat from starting…

I still had fatigue from KAMP K2 and so this lunch break was a little bit early one
At that time, this director sighed…
“Ummmmm, where is my jacket…?”

Sooooooo funny!
SHU and I laughed so much 🙂
3 times lost stuff in 4 days

So, we had to go back down along where we hiked up

About 10 minutes later…
There is a black stuff in 100M away!

“? What is that?”
Director tried to hide his happy smile

“Is it my Jacket???”

The black stuff came to attack director when he grab it and started fight

Director did Tomoe-Nage from Judo which is his favorite trick!

“Nooooo, it’s my jacket as I expected!!!”

Gave her big hug for a few hours separated life

He doesn’t want to loose it again so he wears it right away…

“Never twice without three times”
Please take care of your important gears
And please bring my axe back to me 😉

When we came back to INDRES House at Hakuba, there was delicious dinner by Hama-chan was waited for us

Thanks for your great vibes, INDRES Formation makes my Hakuba staying so much fun 🙂


We went to the same area for hiking today
Forecast was wrong but in good way, then I got more tan…
So, I surprised when I looked my face at Onsen, colored like red-black

And this is the happening from today
Incident of Beanie after Shovel’s of yesterday
The guilty person was the same guy
This blog’s topic was decided when we found his shovel yesterday 😉

About 5 minutes later
We found it under the snow, 2cm fresh one from this morning

The guy arrived there

Then he showed off how he found it!

He picked it up without his emotion of happiness

He expressed his happiness by quite normal way

Then he couldn’t stop his emotion, wear the lovely beanie to his chin

So, 2 accidents happened in 2 days but he made another one just before we started hiking in this morning
We unload our gears at upper place than car parking point
Then car goes down lower area to wait for us
And he kind of shout “Oops!”
He unloaded his Onsen tools with his touring gears…

Thank you for your funny happenings which made us so much fun 🙂

“Lost and Found”

We went back to same place as yesterday to find shovel which on of us lost on the way down
Here is the story of its process

About 15 mins since we started hike up

“Ummm? What it that?”

“”Found it!”

“Big hug for seeing her again”


“Play rock with shovel because that feeling is so great”


So, we started today’s hiking like this

We took about 3 hours to the goal for today
It didn’t take too much as we thought
We still got tired anyway…

Snap shot at the top of this mountain

Having lunch at the location where we could avoid the wind

It was pretty wet and sticky but couple of places to go skiing down, made me so much fun
It was fun with some small adventure things 😉

Light rain started to fall down from evening
BUT, we had a tent in front of this house entrance for enjoying BBQ!

It was so much fun!

Tomorrow, one of us lost his beanie on the hill.., again…
So we head back to there to find his beanie 🙂


Plan for today was…
It was decided at last late night, to go a hut on the hill and stay there for Onsen
We packed in this early morning and start to head to ski hill
Then we heard the wind was too strong to walk on the ridge and higher mountain and so we canceled this plan…

3 boys lost idea what to do
But we didn’t want to stay inside when the sun shining at outside
So, we head to petit-touring on the another hill

We went hiking on the snow where we went at last spring
Set a table and bench for lunch in front of the lake which is covered by snow
We had instant-noodle and rice ball which we supposed to eat it at the hut
Also, there is 3 beers, one each of us 🙂
We had fireplace there for some reason…

I had really satisfied hours with good friends, though, we didn’t do shooting for riding

We dropped in a Onsen at there
It started as Onsen since 1555, and started as a hostel after the end of Edo age
It was not permitted to take photos inside but Ok for outside
It is really nice atmosphere, feels nice Japanese old style there
So, here is a shot of time-trip moment

It seems nicer weather until early afternoon
Where shall we go? Probably back there again?
Yes, someone left his shovel over there 😉


at Takasu Snow Park in Gifu

2nd day was for qualification in rainy condition
It wasn’t so hard rain so that we could take photo and riders could enjoy their riding I guess
Then today (7th), Final tournament in 3rd day
Ummm, super windy with heavy rain, snow afterward…
Postponed until 10am, then tried to start but not tournament, then moved to start gate, then decided to cancel…
I guess when competitor jump kicker, they would do transfer to the other side by natural style
And cameraman would hesitate to put our gear out
Actually I did…

It was too bad for the finals but we can’t go against mother nature

I had some great meeting this time

At first, Ryo is good friend since I was much younger, I met him when I was at Akakura for snowboarding

I don’t remember when I met her last time but her riding style became solid now, Mizutama

MIHO who is in same team, f-stop Japan
Here is no photo but Mr Takuro Hayasshi is also there
We had fun chatting all the time and so I could have great fun days!
So happy to work with them!!!

Hama-chan whose hometown is close to mine, she returns from her injury and getting stronger
I guess this wearing mask style wasn’t for her sick…

A Shine Lady who worked for this event with nice costume
She helped me couple of times, especially for my feeding 😉
Merci por your help!

Thank you very much for all the staffs who worked for this event!
I’m so appreciate to be a part of this event
Especially Mari-san, thank you sooooo much for your effort!!!

So, I had some sad feeling to leave this event when it finished
And I started to drive to Hakuba with some expectation of the weather get better
On the way, Abo-pass was still winter…

I arrived at INDRES House again
Tomorrow, we found an interesting stuff to do
I should better to go to bed now…
It’s already today 🙂

“Landed on Honshu”

I left Hokkaido finally
The forecast said it would be windy…
BUT, it was pretty calm surface and peaceful!
I watched 4 movies on PC

I started drive down to south from Niigata ferry port
I stopped at Toyama for lunch break and the temperature at outside was 18℃…
HOT! I took my hoody off and T-Shirt season started

I put my car through car-washing-machine and it shines nicely now
car wash

At Toyama, I called one of my friend who I hadn’t see for years
He was busy but I could have chance to visit his family
He showed his favorite room, photo studio was so fun!
I could have dinner with them as well
I saw his wife and daughter on Facebook so I didn’t feel it was first time to see them
Feels like I met a famous person 😉

I left Toyama just after 9pm
Then I drove to Takasu Snow Park in Gifu

KUMIYAMA Japan started from today’s practice session
I join in it as a photographer belong to Bravo Ski
There is a face who I know from Hokkaido
There are some old face who I hadn’t seen for a while
Also there is MIHO who is supported by f-stop as same as me
This event, slopestyle, some interesting items design are there
Well, it makes photo very colorful picture 🙂

I could have a room at hotel which KUMIYAMA Japan prepared for me
Dinner is Buffet style again!
I could keep my mind less food this time, kind of…
mont saint dinner

Ummmm, seems like the weather will be stormy tomorrow
I can hear some sound of wind now
I hope it won’t be too bad…

“Bcoz The Last Nite”

2nd contribution for today
Because it is the last night at Hokkaido for this winter.., that’s why..?
I was thinking to go skiing to day but some influence remained from last night’s fun hours
Also the weather seems not so nice…, then another mellow day
I faced Laptop in morning
I visited BONTAK to do waxing for my ski

Annupuri colored nicely for sunset when I came back to that comfy friend’s house

Mt Yotei also colored beautiful

I asked “Sukiyaki” for dinner
Better to have warm dish before it gets hot climate

We watched a movie which we did shooting in middle of winter
3 laptops on a table, same music rounded…

Should I do packing well for tomorrow’s moving??

The forecast seems not so calm for tomorrow…
Whenever I go somewhere with hours driving, the weather isn’t friendly for this winter…

Anyway, I will arrive at Honshu in the day after tomorrow!

“2 Days To Go…”

At the day before yesterday
I went skiing at Niseko Moiwa it was the last day for this winter for them
After a few runs, binding was ripped off…
Fortunately I had alpine ski in my car so I could keep going for another few runs, though
I feel scary about the solidness of alpine binding and boots
I’m not good to keep balance with that fixed setting and it makes me tired quickly

It happened about 2 years ago as well…

I had spare binding this time, so that I could swap them quickly at that night
Lucky me!

Yesterday was ski touring at Mt Yotei with that new binding
.. phew…
It was nice sunny day but gusty winds

We took lunch a little bit earlier because that wind situation
Made a simple wall as a shelter

Shooting on the way down, for sure
And my glove (a black dot) dropped in to no-track field as the first one

A picture with tele-ski-patroller chases powder poach snowboarder, then curiosity girl follows them

BBQ for the night as I requested!
I wonder if it was more spring-ish weather and we could have it at outside
Anyway, meat was so nice and my tummy got satisfied with it!

A part of snacks which came out  afterwards…

Is this drawn by adult or kid or drunk man?
Team digital were another area of the room and here was team analog

I had too much cans with this fun atmosphere…
I should stop beers with 3 cans which I always regret
Then I can start to drink whisky 🙂

Another night in Hokkaido and then catch ferry back to Honshu
This timing as always, cherry blossom won’t be in my vision…