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Month: March, 2012

“Counting Down…”

Hello my blog again…
I had good session at Furano area without so much wind effect, then stayed at Niseko for a few days

Crushed girl gave me more chance of her crash…

Had a lecture of how to drink wisky nicely with yummy Okonomiyaki at night…

Went for a walk to Annupuri peak for next day and there was unexpected good snow 🙂

This is the last scene of morning at Niseko for this winter for myself

Head to Asahidake with JP for a few days now
Then, voyage time

I always feel kind of sad in this season every year
But there is more interesting stuff waiting for me over there, that makes me happy again!

So, people/things around Niseko, thank you very much for this winter!!!

“Stand By”

Wandering around Furano city…
Waiting for wind calm down, reading and PCing is my hobby now
Well, it’s nice to give big rest for my body, kind of too big to get refresh…

It gets winter-ish scenery again here

Today’s office is, looks like office 😉

Hey wind, go for a walk/fly and bring some clear sky!

“Condition of Gastric in Last Week”

Dropped in JoJo’s at first time for this winter
It was closed for their event at last time…

Shared S-size salad for warming up

Then bite into Cheese Burger!
Mr T also taking a shot at behind…

We visited a home-party of Liberty Ski Japan at that night
Surrounded by Hakuba locals at middle of Niseko
Seemed like endless booze treated!
Arigato for those fun conversation, yummy Pizza and beers!!!

Moved the location for another meeting in early morning
Mr T doesn’t spend time without doing nothing…
Phone-Meeting before the Meeting with his best JKT/PNT for this winter

We had mutton/beef BBQ for the night, eat as much as we can style
We were knocked out by the standard plate for the beginning, though
We could touch to any rice at all…
Well, it was very tasty!

We chose Chinese restaurant for 2nd night
I missed the first dish with usual premature start…

It was NICE, scallop’s dish

Asserting himself at corridor
Why you are set at higher place?

Yes, we invited to a nice bar after that yummy chinese foods
“Please enjoy nice drink for the last night!”
How can we cancel this opportunity?
Mr T and I enjoyed them a lot!
Whiskys which I always try no to look at…, you are so good!

Mr T charged to use his all chances until he needs to stop
It was his departing day on Saturday but we went to a ski hill to do shooting
I could taste this thrilling moments finally!
We could arrived at an airport just before his boarding time but his face was quite serious this time 🙂

It was very satisfied week plan until its ending!

“Food, and etc”

Yummy Pork-Don at Kamifurano!

Transparent body fish shows her bone and internal stuff

Huge volume at Biei, Omelet-Curry rice

I suppose everyone like this meal, Okonomiyaki

A room at 4th floor nearby Hirafu Gondora, here is a editor with great footwork

Raw meat of Ostrich, at Kutchan

At same room as above, a skillful salesman in this morning

The dinner after lond day at Niseko town, Yu Lin Chi-Chinese Fried Chicken

What will I eat tomorrow…?

“A Way To Spend Time In Furano”

I decided to have easy day because it would be bad weather/snow condition
I did laundry and car-wash in this morning
I went for a walk at busy street of Furano

Mannequin lady, wants to feel outside air

Same lady, needs to arm up for blood vessel crack clear…

Same lady, charging her hairstyle for the Party!

Ummm, I wonder what this Heso-Navel pot is…

Classic name, Pub-Snack bar BITCH!

Then I’m sitting at a cafe to do desk work with Yu-ki until, getting dark…

I hope it will be good condition tomorrow!
Otherwise we need to do this same routine again 😉


I went back to the same place as yesterday
102 and a snowboarder Yu-ki was my company for the day

There was warm air from morning…
Snow rotted much faster than we thought

Breaking all the way from top to bottom!!!

Well, we still had nice mellow BC run

This is the best face for today

Then, I came to Furano to feel colder air this afternoon

“Keep Going”

Dreamed yesterday’s superb turns and went back to same area today…
No time to give good rest for my body yet
You know, I should go when I can go
It will be the last a few chance with 102 for this winter shooting?
And I will find some more chance with JP

2 of Black Suits boys
JP show off with shiny Sunglasses

Here is 2 answer of yesterday’s wondering…
Mr T could cross the ocean but he is still driving because some traffic jam…, take care!
And 102 showed his smooth turns today 😉

“~ Asahidake ~”

Let’s look back the last 1 week!

I went to a usual cafe with Mr T and worked on PC for a few hours…

Then I headed to Asahidake in that day
Ski trip with 3 of my friends who runs ski school at Sugadaira for 3 days!

Ticket machine has trouble so that its staff gives these order paper by hand

I was invited to there hotel’s dinner buffet
Time goes by so fast with fun talking and yummy foods

We went to an Ice-Bar at neighbor’s
Smiles of Akira and Yuriko from Snow Quest, and Ah-chan from another ski school

Snow crystals hanging on my window frame at cold night

I came back to Niseko after 2 nights 3 days trip
I use this ticket this winter many times
Here is many Onsen so I can use it very well and helps me a lot!

I caught up with 3 English boys at Niseko
We are friends since we met in New Zealand
We went to “Rin – Izakaya restaurant” which I can’t go so often but this is one of my favorite place

Then we went skiing in next day, everywhere in Niseko and my legs are done

Kiroro for next that day
Mr T was there but he went to desk work at somewhere
So, I went snowboarding with 102
It was my first snowboarding day for this winter and enjoyed floating on powpow
102, well, he caught edge at his 2nd run and done…
He skis very well, more than well…
I missed his crush that makes me kind of sad…

I’ve been driving between Niseko and Kiroro these days a lot
And I worked for my friend for 2 nights
Put hundreds book in order
All of them written in English
There is lots of Japanese stories which translated in English
I found these from there
So many kind of books are translated!

I wonder if Mr T got in time for ferry…
I wonder if 102 will be able to go skiing tomorrow…
I always thinking to give to my body big rest these days…, in a few days???