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Month: January, 2012

“1st Half at Furano”

I tried to follow the path for summer
Well, I found winter is different as summer…
I will go down before go up from next time as I usually do!

My friend’s cafe will have 2nd year’s anniversary soon
I finally made it!
I’m happy to find him after rounds trip around his shop
It’s a specialty coffee house and can choose beans so it’s more fun!
And there is very nice atmosphere
I decide to go there whenever I come to Furano to chill out
Sugiyama Cafe” is the place!


Keep snow falling after a few beautiful sunny days
We scooped those out a week ago, though…
There is forced power training with snow at snowy area
I do it sometime, when I should do it

Here is Major Lerch wearing cornice on his head

I came to no snowing Furano from snowing Niseko
And came to a regular cafe
This shop seems very familiar and kind of smelly-ish wherever I visit
Yes, I use here as a cafe and do internet…

Wild Onsen in next 2 days I guess
Maybe Â¥500’s for the day after tomorrow… 😉

“Kind of Too Much”

It’s too much falling…
I guess great powpow skiing at the resort
It’s quite annoying for me now
I need it when I don’t have it

Cold face every morning

Puking, yes it is puking

“Sweet Info”

A road also opened for winter from this season
It makes closer to the next valley and there is a nice Onsen
Niimi Onsen at Rankoshi, Hokkaido

There is this yummy hot soup with great Onsen by ¥500
It makes us so comfort and relax, too good to go back home…
You should check this place out!

And, it pukes very well

“Getting COLD”

Ummmm, it was pretty cold the other day
I read book every night before sleep but I gave up to save my hands from freezing
Well, sleeping bag x 2 makes me warm enough to have comfy night, though 😉

My friend’s HILUX pick-up stuck…
My mini-van stuck at same place just before it…
And his car needed rescue of JAF

I would love to try once, would love to feel it, but I’ve never try to make that chance yet

“American Standard”?
I’m sure that there is lots of them in USA?

I went to mellow skinning with Tetsu, and did checking terrain as well
Mellow skinning was the main activity for us today
And then we found nice stuff for next chance!

BTW, breaking trail was tough today…


The number of neighbor increase
Many of them are luxury houses
Some of them are detached style
Castle appears sometime

Snow falls pretty fast at Hokkaido
Checking snow level during night by the window

I went to a city to change 2nd battery of my watch
Lots of spaces make strange atmosphere over there…

I thought my watch works by solar battery and no changing it
It doesn’t support well for backlight, altimeter and that kind of stuff
I wonder how it works latest model…?

“With Shune”

We always have great luck of snow whenever we go there
It wasn’t blue sky but deeeeeeep powpow!

I understand why he gets big smile!

“One First”

I got great help-power from the beginning of the year right away
I got call when I almost start to tidy my handy-closet up
Brilliant start for the new year!

We just could see the summit in early morning!

A Happy New Year Everyone!!!