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Month: June, 2011


I wonder this rainy season is almost over…
It’s very hot, hot enough for me…
South of Kyushu is announced that is finished
Forecast says lots of sunshine icon…
And not much rain icon…

Bug dried up on the asphalt…

Looks summer-like sky…

And this roof fell in now, it was still Ok a few years ago…

And I keep sweating……

“It Is Very Hot…”

I expected it would get cooler for another few weeks…
I hoped 5-6 degrees lower
It was nice with some clouds and breeze today, though
I need to improve my body for the HOT SUMMER asap…

“In Rain”

One day trip to Hakuba on Saturday
Atually I came home in the early morning on Sunday
I shared fun days with this guys on snow these years, INDRES Formation
And now without snow, time of BBQ!

3 of us, all boys left home before sunrise
4 hours drive to Hakuba
And the sky start to melt as we get closer and closer…

Muddy River remember me that it’s rainy season now
And it reminds me another disaster that a mountain road is buried by mud…

It became very heavy rain when the BBQ starts
But human intelligence make the rain stop
We were happy that it wasn’t windy 😉

Hot weather calm down now as normal season
What a happy feeling to sleep comfortably!!!


Very humidity day is arriving…
I went to jogging when the sun comes down lower
I always use the same road for my jogging
There is steps to go up at the end
And I couldn’t keep going up with jog-speed…
Went up slowly and cooling down well
It’s hot as hot season, but my toes felt strange like electric shock
Kind of knocked out by this temperature already?
Summer is still farther down south…
Well, I wonder what will happen on me

“Mountain over there was at AMERICA about 30 years ago…, in my mind…”


Rainy condition last night
But we have good place to play Futsal, “Sempre

Cloudy sky today
I joined to a competition which was for boys & girls mixed one
Our team was medley but we know all the faces
3 teams league, 2 rounds

Only 1 point personaly
But we won the game!

Ummm, 2 days keep playing soccer makes me very tired…
which I learned today……

“A Night of Old Boys”

I’m trying to play soccer twice in a week
Insects flying around the light, a lot of them these days…
And my body keeps sweat during resting time

6 of us (35, 36, 36, 4?, 45, 5?) went to a family restaurant afterwards
Started at 10:30 until 0:30 with usual topics
6 of us drive 6 cars, no alcohol this time

Today and tomorrow is rain
But it will be cloudy for the next soccer night
Well, it might be muddy, though…

“Roll Cake For An Old Guy’s birthday”

“Friend for Our Drink-Bar, Chips!”


An event every 6 months
Visit a friend’s family and entertained…

Arrived at there just before noon and we went to shopping twice before dinner
During 2 of their kids take care of me
It became sunset time

Thank you very much forrrr
great time with yummy dishes!

It will be in a few months to visit them next time
I should bring something at that time 😉

“The Healthy Refreshment”

“Sad-look View by Light Rain”

“She Looks at Me just before We Go Out”

“Flying Tuna”

“The View which make my Feeling of Fullness Dull”

“Bloom by Hot Water”

“The Time”

I always forget to take one…

Fine day between rains
Many of them comes out to catch up with the light at night
Ummmm, mosquitoes will come out soon as well…


With some photos this time…

“Shining White”

“Feel the Wave after a while”

“Warmth Whenever I Visit”

“Attracting Appearance”

“I felt its Atmosphere a lot”

“Toward to Up There”

“It’s stuck…”

Without so much sentence…


No topic to make grow up…
No photo with this rain…
Study with PC
Made “ZIRO Special”
Will I be able to go to next level???