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Month: July, 2013

“Cooler Saitama”

Staying at Saitama for 2nd summer in my life
It was pretty hot but most of days are cooler than last summer so far

I met Jewel beetle, 2 of them were making noise of their flying
So, I stopped my hands and took photos by my phone…
jewel beelte

We worry about a shower everyday these days and it seems stay upon Mt Buko
mt buko

A bar where we went a few nights ago
I found a bottle of whiskey in front of me
The master told me that it is not in menu
Well, I still got a glass of it and it was smooth!

And the cloud of shower is almost arriving

My boss, H-Rue was attached by heat from top and bottom

Another week to go for chilly place 🙂

“Saitama Again”

Back to Saitama for this summer again
But it’s kind of only 2 weeks, shorter than last summer

It was chilly at a mountain pass on the way to here
I found 5 raccoon dogs and about 100 dears
I drove safely to avoid crash with them

I couldn’t have chance to see this, Steam Locomotive for sightseeing
I heard the sound of it when we worked at railway-side house…
So, we stopped our hands and waited for this black machine!
My boss, HIKARU was with me, for sure 🙂

I work here well without wasp attaching !
Ahhhh, I miss to play soccer already… 😉

“Leave Tokoname”

I won’t be able to play soccer for a month from tomorrow…
So, I will do image-training for next chance

SUGAKIYA, I hadn’t been there for ages until last weekend
I went there with ZIRO when I helped their movement at last weekend
This funny spoon with funny shape is slightly changed in this several years…
But its taste is nice and same as that low price 🙂

Icon of Tokoname, Tokonyan sticker has lots of design now

It’s so fun to play soccer/futsal!!!

“3 Str8 Holidays”

Congrats for this moving!
I went help them for those 3 days

Well, I was worried about these days really hot climate
Also cicada just starts make noise fully

It wasn’t very smooth
Once, I felt a little bit dodgy when we moved big refrigerator…
We could finished to move all their stuff at the end!
w/ tokonyan

It was nice weekend with nice lunch and dinner with fun conversation

So Ziro & Zunzun, please call me for Sept BBQ next time 😉


Jogging at evening when there is no plan to play soccer or futsal at night
I had lots of chances to play soccer/futsal these days so it’s after a while for jogging

Tough, I could guess easily, I started sweat a lot right after begin jogging…
And I didn’t do the last part for running up the hill today

I do slowing down for my breath on the way to home with making a detour
But the sweat is still endless

So, I took a walk to the beach
Sea breeze and its scenery makes me calm


There is clear indigo blue above me

Then I sweat again on the way back home…

“Hotter Than I Expect…”

It became super hot right after the rainy season finished…
I can see the sultriness in air at everywhere

I have 2 windows on south and west wall of my room
It’s pretty nice in winter but then in summer time is… sauna-like space here
The heat comes from roof and wall as well
I could be able to knock-out by this heat even though I just sitting in this room
But I still like my room with this comfy arrangement

I finally finished to do upload some data
To my homepage
About “12-13 Winter” and my friend’s “Pocky’s Wedding”
Click the image below and please check them out 🙂


Soccer game at afternoon
It was seriously hot
And it scored the hottest day in this year so far…
I could be knocked out if we couldn’t play without changing-anytime
And I totally forgot to take a shot of the day…
I borrowed a pic of our captain, Makoto from his FB
I should go toward to goal much more…

Take care of yourself from heat disorder 😉


Front Fork had been crying since I got it by Yahoo Auction
I’d been riding with its sound for a while…
I decide to change it finally
Then I checked Yahoo Auction again
But I have no idea which is good for me then check YouTube somehow
I found a video which is showing how to take the same model apart

I took it apart
Mosquitoes were so annoying then took the smoke stuff out at first time for this season

My hands got really greasy
But that grease is working very nice now 🙂

There is lots of technical stuff with high-end model…
But this entry-model is quite simple and good enough for me!

I keep going with this My Size gear style 😉