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Month: August, 2011

“NZ Freeski Open 2011”

I knew where the place for registration at last night
It was at somewhere in town before
And it was at the ski hill
I was thinking to spend mellow day in town today but then I had to go up on the hill…

I did registration with Japanese athletes
The man, who were this yellow armband and swinging camera, looks strange will be…, me…

I went to take care of chicken with friend at evening
They are at outside, we are inside…

We had dinner with familiar faces
I helped to cook its dessert with friend’s advice
I feel I can cook it again by myself if any of you want me to 😉
Apple crumble

The weather will be worse from now
And the competition will start from tomorrow…

Go team JAPAN!

“Cold Up There, Warm Down Here”

Walking for coming home/flat after things to do at downtown
Oh yes, Rugby World Cup will start very soon!
It seemed very inconspicuous flag…

Ummmm, I understand why I want to go walking with this scene

There is lots of way for bicycle
Though, most of people use same road as car
Everyone wear helmet and indicate turning sign by arm
I wonder if Japanese bike scene become same custom with this level

Burrito for dinner
Looks simple but so yummy!

Head to mountain tomorrow again, chilly hill!

“Second Half of Today”

Sunshine comes back in the afternoon and it made me to go for a walk
I bought Grapefruit, made in NZ

I went to eat hamburger with Ricky who comes from Methven, to work here

We ordered same one which have Ribeye Steak in it
It is kind for wallet and nice volume as that price
A glass of Brewski was cheap I thought…, so I was happier!

I noticed this lamp just before we leave this place
Painted halfway bottom and so the light becomes softer

Tomorrow seems bad weather…
Well, why I don’t go to see some snow on the hill

“And Then, Moving”

Stayed at Christchurch for a night
Shopping and a small sightseeing there
I started warming up for NZ lifestyle with eating yummy but rich chocolate cake
And I left that house when my friend go to work in morning

Number plate tied by string
Practical is more important than looks!

I moved to another friend’s place who I know since more than 10 years now
And, NZ lifestyle started fully
I helped his job, tailing for his lamb
My job was just take lamb up
My hoody got nice smell of sheep…

Fish & Chips for that dinner!!!
Its price become very high, probably 3 times more than several years ago
Probably it because they start to use nice paper, rather than news paper for wrapping…?

Tri Nations Rugby at that night, All Blacks vs. Wallabies
I will expect to their World Cup result…

After a night staying there, I came to Wanaka by bus
It was a little bit difficult to find a bus
Native boy knows how to find, it was super helpful!

My mobile phone for NZ is still alive
It becomes Retro style soon

I could meet with a friend who gives me a place to sleep
Then invited to a BBQ that night
They enjoy eating outside during winter as well
They seems it’s very normal
I think that most of Japanese do that only summer time…

Well, this BBQ, there is an unusual thing there
A Personal Masonry Oven at their garden…

There is a dog
No barking
No pestering food
Calm and quiet dog
Many of them in NZ, seems like they have no stress with wide open play ground
And so they seems clever and friendly

I had mellowest day today to take a rest from this moving days…

I should better to switch ON for the job sooner…!


Arrived at NON-Summer-Hot place
I sweat a lot on the way, though…

With lots of photos this time
This mean isn’t any sarcastic thing…

I chose bus to go to Kansai this time because the price
Once I get on it, nothing bad at all
Though, I melt well to get on it…

I had a walk under the fine summer weather
I wore armor, about 40kg weight

I became a child again when I rode this elevator, surrounded by glasses

This is one of the most yummy drink for now
The guy who appeared in this blog before told me about this
It reminded me Postwater which I loved about 20 years ago
20 years ago….!!!

Lucky miscalculation
This is cheap!
Air New Zealand, great system for person who has lots of gears
Especially you have sport’s gear!
And the facility is quite nice too!!!

The gate leading to cool place, Blue Hole

I enjoyed 4 this time
Black Swan~Ogawa no Hotori~The Peak~Thor
Too simple to choose…?

There was a storm on the way and we flew around it
Then arrival time became late
Transfer of Domestic Line was gone easily

I didn’t need to move quickly so I took walk way
15 degrees with nice sunshine

I answered “Coffee”
And I said “No” for sugar
Then milk-coffee was served
I forgot to say “Black”…

Nice tension view appeared finally

My friend came to pick me up at Airport and took me for shopping
I will visit another friend tomorrow
Then head to a place where I always go…

I dropped in a place where got big damage by earthquake
There is still so many things need to do
There is no one where lots of people before, sheltered by fence now

And we felt pretty strong shake just a few minutes ago…

Well, for myself, very fine except for sleepy!


Photos of yesterday…
At first, activity of daytime
Then, Futsal at night
And, annual meeting at family restaurant after Futsal…

Avoid this hot weather today, head to southern hemisphere

Next blog is from there in a few days
I promise to put some photos ;-P

“Found You!”

He was on the wall of my house
Dorcus Rectus

I feel relieved whenever I still can find this kind of insect

“Everything Carry Out”

Beach Soccer competition was there on Sunday
I joined to it as a stagehand
This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon
Competition day, Sunday was heavy rain from morning
So that I escaped to home for a while…

There was firework festival at my hometown
Rain stopped and dropped for all day
Fireworks makes my mind refresh and saved more energy

BBQ started from Saturday afternoon
There was a cute beer-girl so we drink a lot
Well, we kind of forced to drink…
Her pouring skill got better and better

So, lots of glasses on the table…

It was fine day today
There is noisy cicada around trees nearby a beach

Ummmm, sky of blue is NICE 😉

“The Way Back”

Today was driving day
From summer resort place to summer…
From cool Nagano to humid-hot Tokoname

My friend Hide can’t eat breakfast slowly, but he needs to take time…
Busy man..

I feel nostalgia with this lantern, somehow

Towards to moisten air…

I missed a corner and had to through in the middle of city

Actually I wanted to drop in Toki-Outlet shopping mall…
Around that area, my eyes stuck on several bikers
And I couldn’t find the place to turn and when I noticed, I passed Toki city…

Ummmmmm, it’s hot here…
My skin get moisture
Though I only sitting legless chair…

“The Last Operation”

Today’s main event
In the roof above its restaurant
Attack  wasps nest
Well, put a paper for sticking fly…
Sounds very unhelpful, like oil and water……

We caught few of them
I wonder how many others still there

A sage says, “Wasps get more offensive”

I hope nobody get their attack…
I leave here before those accidents

Yes, today is the last day at here for me

I will head back to home tomorrow with hourssssss
To hotter sweet home…