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Month: April, 2012

“Last Spurt”

I join to s film crew INDRES Formation these few spring time for shooting
And the speed of melting snow is incredibly fast in this season…
For still, it’s good if they make good form in the air
But they have to make clean landing for their movie
If they want to keep own segment, they need lots of images as much MORE as they can
I still need cool style for my photograph
9s, 10s, or W-cork stuff makes movie nicer technically
To take a shot of them, I need to find different idea and angles for myself
Because I don’t make sequence images every time
It’s hard part to go with filming but fun as well
So, I do ZigZag on slope to find a place

I think there is lots of rainy days in this spring
I don’t remember about last spring, but I feel lots of rain…
Here is few sunny day’s record between rain and rain

Shooting from midnight at handrail with some snow around

Jump session after local person’s warm attention about spring avalanche

First time visiting for myself, Mt Okutadami Ski Area
It’s very spring time, but there is still lots of snow there!
Seems like enough amount of snow until GW

We started this “R” Session after sunset
We could make good shape but then we took hours to start junp
Well, we didn’t check the watch until we almost finish…
Though, it was still in a same day

Again, it was first time visiting for myself, Kagura Ski Resort
After favor of Ropeway, Gondora and chair-lifts, there is nice sun deck at the bottom of terrain park!
I supposed that I do shooting from here, sitting on chair in the sun…

Weather forecast said it would be rain again in a few days
So, we should better to go on the snow when the sun stay with us!
After back and forth between Hakuba and Uonuma, we arrived at Hakuba 47
Terrain park just re-designed and so it was nice shape and fun

==Extra Shots==
We always say “Itadakimasu” for meals, food is energy!

I wonder if I could help them…,
I just push the red-button to start and stop, and I push my camera button at a filming site

Night meeting for today and next day

Today is rain, AGAIN
I don’t have many days left until I head back to home
Today is good refreshing hours!

Well, it’s already evening-ish time…

“Today for the Beginning”

Ummm, I couldn’t update blog for a while again…
There was late night day, staying at another place…

Well, I start to talk about today
I went to shooting with INDRES Formation today
I found some witty techniques of ShoeHey

No.1, he started to wear boots when he still wearing pants
So, one of his leg is still out of pants but wears boots…

No.2, if you take off boots and pants in same time, it doesn’t get dirty
Actually, if the ground wet, still we can keep them dry…?

We dropped in a local restaurant at a village on the way to home
I ate half of Udon noodle in this photo, though…
There is still lots of noodle remain…
With this amount of Udon noodle with 2 tenpura, cost 550yen!

Tomorrow, I edit photos, repair the edge, then it will be night time afterwards…

“Very Sunny Today”

Spring time!
Strange feeling that outside is warmer than inside now 🙂

ATOMIC snowboard rider Shuhei came back to Hakuba and we head to location hunting
Drive up to the limit of closing road for winter

It was hot and longer hiking than we thought, so we head down earlier
We still enjoyed sunshine, sound of stream and bird singing

Shuhei is wearing C9P’s next years model
Collaboration with INDRES Formation which he belongs to for filming
Better to check it out!

I opened a bottle of whisky again when I came back to home
The shape of class is different as doing whisky tasting style but still enjoying

The weather forecast is rain for tomorrow
Ummm, lets do something but having another mellow day…

“From Spring-Winter to Spring”

The Green by the window looks warm with some sunshine
But there was snowing at outside

I went to Ciao Ontake Ski Hill on Saturday
First time skiing with 2 nieces
Older one starts to turn by herself and seems so happy
Her happy smile made me very happy 🙂

It was about -12°c at top of Gondora, measured by hair of my nostrils…
Snow condition was pretty good winter’s
Well, it was cold…

Here is IROHAS-water tasted by Blue-berried honeysuckle, Hokkaido limited
Before I finished all of them I could give half dozen to my sister’s family!

I heard there was snowboard test riding event at Hakuba 47 from yesterday
I found that one of my good friend were there and seeing him after several years, Mr YJ!
I arrived at its car park and there was too much cars there and lots of them parked on the road…

I felt great sunshine and blue sky after a while
I could charge enough energy for tomorrow!

“From Honshu-Main Island of Japan”

Moving season from Hokkaido to Honshu in these several springs

The last turn at Hokkaido was at Asahidake area
Hiro with waist-long dreadlocks joined to us
It was the first session with him for this season, and it was the last one
My camera was interested in his ski-pole basket which is made by aluminum…

Waited for a sunset by some feeling
A man told us that was one of the best color for this winter
Well, it was actually beautiful one
I always look at orange, pink or purple color of it
But this one was, the BLUE!
How to say…, super clear deep blue…?
Anyway, it was super color!

And this shot, Hiro’s brother Takero almost skied on the snow rabbit
She is at the middle of this photo…, can you see?
Ummm, excuse me but I can’t see well…

The last night of this Hokkaido trip, we stayed at a log-house which is owned by Kamui Ski Links manager
My friend Mr Maeda (KGB)’s father is that man
He showed up in next morning and told us some interesting stories

There were some really old ski magazines at up stairs of it
A few of them are same age as me
Topics are so nice, interesting stuff with great photos
New gear in it, lots of them are quite similar design as these days
I checked as much magazine as I could in time
I would love to read them again!

And, 18 hours drive after I landed on Honshu…
I headed to south in heavy rain with gusty winds
Cloud couldn’t hold tight enough itself at farther north…

After that long drive, I arrived at a ski hill
I joined to Japanese snowboard film label INDRES Formation‘s shooting
Everytime I learn many things from their passion and attitude for their snowboarding

I came to Hakuba after 3 days shooting with them
And I’m staying at their renting house here
Editing photossssssss
Snowing at outside
(Well, it’s clear night sky right now…)

I expected about nice sunny warm spring days here, though
Why it’s still chilly winter-ish weather???