“Chichibu, Tokoname, NZ”

It was only 2 weeks for this time
I finished staying at Chichibu safely
It was very lucky that the weather was cooler during my staying there

We had some nice and relaxing time a few days
My boss, H-RU enjoying his tanning

A customer’s Air-Conditioner’s outside unit
Supported by spider-web…?

Finished the last job
Tidied rubbish up in the van

Then I drove during the night to go back home!
I did packing of big one, ski-bag
And I took it to a courier-Black Cat to send it to Airport

Ummm, I’ve been oversea with ski/snowboard many times…
My bag always almost full and heavy
Though, I gave up to avoid over-charge for my luggage since several years ago…

Play Futsal at that night!
Fun, fun, FUN!!!

I almost finished rest of packing with lots of sweating
So now, I have to think to get to Narita Airport…
Ummm, another sweating hours…