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Month: September, 2012

“Delivered Stuff”

A software which I use to edit my photos with my PC
It’s brilliant technology for PC apps these days
Super easy to play with digi-data
It’s interesting to watch these unnatural pictures

New car arrived
Father’s new Mirage of Mitsubishi!
It’s very different looks as the old model, seems faster than before

Here is another one which came to my home today
It comes from Hokkaido!
I wondered what this is…
It’s a postcard, really tough looking!
A part of cardboard, solid looks and full of taste, thanks a lot Mr MaeDax!
I would put it on the wall

Will something others come tomorrow?
Did anyone send something nice to me yet?

“Autumn Finally”

Autumn arrives here
Bye-bye hot & humid summer!
Feels so fresh with this drier air

Season to harvest
There are so many taller plants there

A spider, building her own web, not wireless…
I enjoy to watch her work if it doesn’t twine around me…

Seems they are tired these days
She threaten birds with her mohican
She has quite wide shoulder, doesn’t she?

The pond locates nearby a junior high-school at my local area
This number of birds are, are, very, many many, a lot!
Colors are just black or white, I wonder how much weight this tree has to hold…
I hope they don’t drop into the pond during their sleep

I like this cooler season, Autumn 🙂


I chatted with Andy who are in Scotland for the moment
I was analog style at that time
Well, talking was via PC, then it was digital…

I picked nice points of both
The combo of analog and digital!

It works very well, COMBO!
I could finish it today easily..?
Though, I haven’t here about it yet 😉


I decided to keep this blog site finally
After I compared this one with another one
I found this is better for  me for now 🙂

“Back To…”

Returned to digital…
I still like analog a lot but the speed of digital is useful
Well, I needed to come back to digital today…

I went to the ocean to listen the sound of wave
Steps of dog drew nice line on the sand 🙂

Mind and eyes refreshed well!

I always look at this place somehow
Especially in this time
This orange color comes into my eyes comfortably, maybe?

I’m still thinking about change the blog site
Here we go, irresolute man still standing here!


It was a bakery when I was a kid
I wonder what that bakery’s name was…?
It’s renovated, fresh and relax space now
About 70 years old

I was interested in everywhere to look at and shoot them but this wall for this time
There is lots of solution for yourself on this wall

There is tasty coffee there as the sign saying 🙂
café franc

Here is that flower with very 3D looking which I showed on ex-topic
I saw it today and there is some loquats with it
Is it the flower of loquat? It is loquat, isn’t it?

Changed to autumn-ish weather suddenly from really hot & humid summer-ish one
The air is nice and fresh!
Sky was beautiful blue with some thin clouds, looked very autumn

I’m thinking to change this blog site again, but to the former one…


Strategy to apart from PC
Grab dictionary and pen
Fresh feeling 🙂

In this kind of case, writing on paper is better I think
Ummm, I should better to complete it faster…

“Nice Temptation”

Right on the heels of yesterday, then today…, tempting of Futsal until the evening…
Then I got a call just before the time for Futsal, my mind was changed easily
The staff party for the success of Beach Soccer Competition on this August!

It was very kind 3 hours for my leg
But I was almost done after 3 glasses of beer
Ummm, I can’t drink so much
Elder boys headed to 2nd party…
Few of us headed to each homes……

Well, for myself, 3 glasses are enough
I should remember this number for the next chance… 😉


I had strange feeling for a few weeks now
I had very similar feeling when I was high-school student, and I remember that unpleasant memory
I tried to cheat it with this handy stuff
Well, it was nice feeling but doesn’t work for me this time, at all…

My friend told me about this acupuncture/chiropractic/physiotherapy place
It was nice discovery to find this person in my hometown 🙂
He used to work at New Japan Pro-Wrestling team as a trainer before
It’s same as one of my friend place at Okazaki, they play(ed) sports well and know about it well
I trust this kind of sports-bum doctors

I got nice massage for both legs for a while and then twisted a little bit
I think my pelvis faces straight now
I felt very short for that relaxing space and pain/comfy hours
But, the main thing is from now…
Changed bed to the behind one, then got acupuncture and electric stuff!
Now, I don’t feel that unpleasant feeling on my leg, almost zoro
He suggests me not play soccer or full speed movement for 2 weeks
And I will follow his advice
Probably I would go to play soccer tomorrow if I am younger, though 😉
Anyway, there is lots of autographs of famous wrestlers in its waiting room

Petit Walk, I had never seen this flower before
I wonder what this name?
It’s really 3D style, but not in my photo…

We still can find this window, Tobacco
My eyes are stuck often with this atmosphere

Look forward to play soccer in 2 weeks now!


A pâtissière, one of my old friend opened a shop on this Saturday
Though, I haven’t see her since I was junior-high school student
There is no reason to miss this memorial day
And, her husband is also my old friend

I visited them before the shop open to avoid customers and easier to take photos
At first, I was surprised that this much number of cakes were made by herself
Everything looks beautiful and yummy, not good for my brain…

Lots of fruits from Tokoname city sitting on tarte

I was dreaming to bite into them with lots of cream around my mouth

This pâtissière loves tea, and this apple tea set at the corner with this great style, “Help yourself!”

This guys always appear around me, or I follow them? “Team Triple Seven”

All of them-poison of happiness- were sold out in 3 hours, hundreds of them!
Tired but happy pâtissière and her good friend to come and help her, TJ

Finally, I hung out there from open and forced-closed
I felt a little bit sorry without buying anything…
Well, I wished more people get chance to enjoy those taste…!
That’s why I didn’t buy any of them as much as I can left to other customers
Ummm, in fact, I got one just before its opened…
So that I could keep energy for that 3 hours easily!
Also I could meet some other old friends there
Another friend missed to buy it by this speedy selling situation…

This shop opens just 1 day in a week, Saturday is the day
If you are around here, Tokoname, you should come and check it out!

Keep your eyes open to find this happy door,

“Lost in Tokyo #2”

After nice meeting at Kagurazaka, I headed to Shinjuku for next meeting

There is only 1 station distance
And I have to change train anyway
So, I decided to walk to Shinjuku from Takadanobaba
Hey, I wasn’t stingy, it seemed nice walk in time

Well, it was pretty far…
Also the stress from this daytime made me tired very quickly
And, I got lost at Shinjuku AGAIN!
Here is keywords; “Bic Camera”, “Yodobashi Camera”, JR East Entrance”
I found those 2 camera shops but there is no sign of JR
I talked with SHU on phone who is waiting for me with companies, though

I knew that I was stuck at the other side of station’s building…
I tried to walk through somewhere middle of that building but there is no pass to through…
I had to take long walk around building to get to opposite side
??? There is “Bic” and “Yodobashi” at this side as well

I finally found SHU right before I give up to join to their meeting!
So that I could make my throat moisten happily

I looked at conversation of this talented twin of INDRES Formation, Nakane Bros…

There is INDRES Formation‘s new release DVD party here as well!
Since I caught up with these guys, I just followed them everywhere because I don’t want to get lost again…

It was walk-free road at Ginza, lots of people there so I needed to look at crew all the time…

I was afraid about being lonely, so I sat next of INDRES riders meeting without any talking

At first, they had preview of new film “Lizard Ice” at Apple Store in Ginza
It was interesting to hear how their image make link to graphics, and it made more fun to watch the movie!

Changed the place to Club BENOA for release party after its preview event
Everyone get excited right after their “Kanpai”!!!

Great singer and dancers made that space superb atmosphere
Then it was time that INDRES Formation crew start to make audience more excited…
Time limit for myself to catch the bus to go back to Nagoya…

I chose to walk from Ginza to Tokyo Station…
I didn’t want to get confused by the place of station, lines of trains, etc…
And, seems not so far…

And I was in time, easy!

I will be there for next party, all their schedule to next morning!!!