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Month: August, 2012


After a while…
Sprained ancle first, then hit my back by soccer…
Pain and pain…, it’s not happy thing…

Well, pain goes somewhere after few days
And so I went to play Soccer at Saturday night!
Ummmm, well, ahhhh…
Futsal and soccer seems similar but actually different…
And this image, competition to find out who is the fastest 50m’s runner in our team
I wanted to play soccer better so I didn’t join to it 😉
Then, Mr K1 who won that 50m’s, he had nice scratch on his knee

We still had enough energy after playing soccer
Visited at my good friend USK’s house who play soccer as well
We had fun time to talk about that night soccer, and everything
There were their wives at next room there was fun atmosphere as well
When we noticed the time, it was like that on the image…

At Sunday on next day
I stayed on my bed until 10 because that booze and not enough dreaming time
Took brunch then head to another game, Soccer!
Fine day, too much sweat…
Though, I had another fun time again
I met friends who were in neighbor Jr.High soccer team after, like 20 years?
Everyone like to play soccer!

Drove back home with the limited energy
Took shower and drove to that newly married couple place, again

Helped their stuff with my PC quickly

Zun-Okonomiyaki for dinner finally!
It was YUM!

Then we started to watch TV, kept going…

I should better to leave their place earlier in next time…

“Nothing Special But Happy Days”

Helping and shooting for Beach Soccer games for the weekend
But I found another one which I really interested to look at…, lonely shark
Floating by himself seemed not so fun…

The games had finished just before the sky started crying!
We had to tidy up the beach afterward in rain but it was nice and cool for the well-tan skin

I missed to watch the Firework of my hometown, Tokoname city again…
Well, I had yummy beers and happy chatting instead so no complain

Still I wanted to watch firework somehow and I targeted another one at the other side of the bay
Ummmm, I expected it colored more left…

There is Centrair on 120 degrees left side of firework
The light came down for its landing
I wonder how they could see the firework from the sky?

ShoeHey came over from Toyota for tonight
And we visited Ziro for having dinner at his new home and celebrate his engagement
We canceled to have BBQ at its veranda because some mosquitoes still flying around
Then we put the outside table at inside and had relaxing feeding time
Ziro‘s wife ZunZun came home earlier so 4 of us could share the happy dinner!

It’s getting cooler and cooler during the night these days, it’s a good news 🙂

“Rent My Hands”


Bring stuff from there to here
This kind of work becomes more than double speed when 2 men work together, normally
I guess my hands worked enough for him so I got feed
Dropped in a McDonald’s after ages for myself!
There is a special menu, taste from India, “Hot Gold Masala”
Its buns seemed mis-set, middle one and bottom one is wrong place…
Every biting it, soft surface stuck on my tooth…
Maybe it is the most impressed part to eat this burger!!?

New room locate at higher floor
Nice view and great breeze!

Then I got the first coffee service at this room

He had nap after pizza dinner, it was first nap for him
He stayed there from the night before but it wasn’t nap, it was real sleep…?
Well, I had nap before him, though…

Look forward to do BBQ at its veranda 😉

“Swollen Well”

Hours later after my left ankle sprained, it grow down-looks like baby’s…

No twist at all but move well to go forward and backward, no sideward

“After 33 days”

About 1 month staying at Saitama
At the last night, we went to a Japanese bar
I love Japanese taste!
So yummy!!!

And here is my boss in Saitama, Mr HKR
I hope I could help his knee’s rehab

On the way back home…
I took the same route as when I head to
It was rain on both ways

I dropped in a petit sightseeing spot where I couldn’t find 33 days ago with darker light

“Dinosaur Steps” on this rock…

And, I noticed this place 33 days ago
Because, its name is “Waterfall of Girl”
It was nice short walk for refresh and it was right after the rain stopped

I’m still living in analog style for Car Navigation
Between Saitama and Aichi, about 10 hours drive, I don’t have any problems with only this hand writing!

I arrived at home when the cloud colored pink by sunset

Then I joined to Futsal after 33 days at that night, yesterday!
And after 5 minutes the game started, I got it
Left ankle twisted enough

Swollen well…

“Nice Combo!”

Happy extra volume bottle, 630ml barley tea
It comes with a face paper to refresh

Rehydrate with healthy tea and feel nice with this wet-paper!

I don’t advertise these companies but in this hot summer, this shopping makes me very happy 😀