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Month: June, 2013


It was frist time to visit there
Tokoname Jr-Highschool!

After I cramped my leg about 90%…
Fun hours with teammates-old boys

Worried about cramping again but it was fine today
Though, I just played 1st half

I miss that feeling…
Score a goal!!!

“1st 1”

I remembered that I hadn’t been there in this year, 2013
So I took a walk for that, also for making my body cooler after jogging

I haven’t have chilling time at there yet
I guess it will be really nice to do nothing at there
Perhaps it is good in rain 🙂

Then here I am, first time to come  at this area, local beach
I really like this quiet sound of waves 🙂

Earthen wall along the street where I passed hundreds since I was child
And I found there is carved seal, “TOKONAME” on each of them!
First time to find it out 😉
carved seal

“Internal Organs”

Booze with old friends at new Izakaya-Japanese Bar at local area
YouthK uses Smart-Phone well at next of me
He can research words without typing screen
Please guess which word he looks for at this time 😉
And I had too much drink…
My internal organs had to work very hard…

Got up before sunrise to watch soccer game on TV

Then headed to play soccer for myself before noon time
High humidity right after rainy days, some strong sunshine and a little bit hangover
Still fun to kick and run!

We won 2-1, but I could watch the 2nd goal
I crashed with teammate quite hard and suffered for a while
Ummm, my weaken internal organs was shaked by that and weaken again…

I feel similar damage as catching edge from skiing, which made my body sluggish now…


Studying by myself
I couldn’t understand but I could make it
It was just a little my mistake

Rain start from today, finally
Though, it was quite summer weather until yesterday…
Seems cooler with ice-cube in barley tea
Ummm, humidity might goes higher soon…

My PC’s trackpad didn’t move, no press movement
It happened a few at a time
I opened it more than I needed
I found lots of dust in there!
Fan works better than yesterday, much less noisy one 🙂
About trackpad, I guess the battery swelled..?
Is it possible?
But I found that there is no space for clicking movement there
So I pressed battery section like make it slimmer…
It works 😉


Another new uniform after a long time
I enjoyed with it today!
There is couple of same age local boys which makes me lots more fun!!!
I really hope it will be nice weather again for next weekend 🙂


Is this the first time to see this guy, Prionus insularis insularis at home?
Drone beetle is quite friendly
Newt is kind of living here, on the wall
Also Japanese rhinoceros beetle comes here sometime as well 🙂

I wonder this rainy season comes to the end soon..?
Summer…, season to escape in to shade…


Sweat a lot with playing Futsal
I feel I can run longer now…
But I’m not good at hot climate so that I can’t keep running so much……

Recently, my brain is boiling by my feeling
I want to update my homepage ASAP!
I also want to show happy atmosphere of Pocky’s wedding!!!

“Voyage to The City”

Trip with train to maintain my friends
Current key word “3D” in there

Buildings comes in my sight right after I start to walk around Nagoya station

A huge ball floats in the middle of big city

Should better to see it if you visit Nagoya, “TV Tower”

Asphalt is not only their ground

Main purpose was to go to Nikon Service Center
One of lens had to stay there…
Well, it seems just simple problem so I feel nicer 😉

Rain started just before evening time as forecast said
I took shelter from the rain in front of Sevy sometime
And I got a favor of big city after a few minutes running!
“Unimall”, an underground shopping center 🙂

It was just a little bit rainy season came back during my trip to Nagoya

“My Concept”

Turning on a light of car
The sight for myself is not the first reason
Make me easy to notice from other people is the one at first
I don’t want to get any damage by other people
So, I turn it on in pretty early time compare to most of other Japanese

It’s same for riding bicycle
I heard blinking light is more effective to be found by other eyes
So, I always make my light of bicycle blinking

I went to play Futsal tonight, again
Totally same road on both way to go and back
Both way is quite dark because at night time…

And then…
There was a spider-web which wasn’t there for going time…
That spot is not that much bushes or grasses
Then it caught my face perfectly
I felt about same size as my thumb on my forehead
I guess that spider was so-so size for Japanese town…

I was happy with fun Futsal hours
Then I became pretty f@;ked by that stuff…

My light didn’t work for myself


Well, how it went…
Go to World Cup at Brazil!

I watched it with boys who I always hang out to play soccer

I look forward to watch the next game with nicer play 😉