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Month: October, 2010

Rest of NZ 5/5 : “NZ to JPN”

Always I become nervous when I have to do check-in these days…
My baggage is always too heavy. So, I give up to avoid extra charge these days.

When I buy this return ticket, I calculated the total cost include this extra weight charge. And I bought Singapore Airline. I checked their extra cost calculation and it seems just cheaper than ANZ.
Anyway, I was asked about $900 extra at first. Then I could explain that they should have sports gear service, but then it was still about $350 extra. My caluculation was about$180 extra… Then my friend helped me with native English. Then I got chance to re-pack for 3kg. And I did 2kg change, and I could go with $170 extra. Phewwwww……

I found my seat without neighbor on the wing, enjoyed to eat lamb lunch, and had some extra coffee to watch moviesss.

I arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore at evening. 7.5 hours staying here.
What to do? Eat dinner. No sleep. Free internet. Toilet. Window shopping. Watching people. Change my watch for Japan…

After lots of shopping in front of windows, I moved to a gate which my flight waiting for, and there was group of student. School trip to Singapore, sounds very nice. My school trip was skiing in Japan. Well, it would be noisy flight that I thought, but it was quiet because at midnight flight. Anyway, I was watching movies again. 6 movies in a row, no sleep until landing time.

And then, I’m in Japan.
My father, sister and her 2 daughters came to see me.
When I arrived at Japan, the weather was still warm for my double layering hoodies…

Thank you everyone who treat me in NZ! I had really nice time again over there. I hope to see all of you soon!

Rest of NZ 4/5 : “The Last Days of Trip”

It was lovely sunny day for driving, kind of too good weather to stay in the car so I stopped many times.

On the way to Kaikoura, I could see some dots on the rock of sea shore and they were  having break everywhere.
It was really nice and calm weather for the last time of this NZ staying.
Spring is here, finally! But my flight bring me to a little bit chilly autumn soon.

I did a few more sightseeing around Amberley.
It was probably first time to see court especially for Netball, wowwwoooo!
Then I could watch train which is kind of rare to see in NZ for me. And it was steam retro one. It seems still in their roster!
And then, my friend mom took me to a cafe while she sleeps. Colorful modern interior, good flat white and nice-quiet atmosphere as its closing time in a few seconds.

Successfully I could finish packing while doing my friend’s favorite “Hide & Seek”.
Now, another sleep on nice big bed and jump in plane.
It’s time to be nervous to do check-in…

Rest of NZ 3/5 : “Fun Time in Nelson”

I arrived at Nelson at evening time with empty chips bag. I was quite hungry but I knrew that my friends are very very good for cooking so I didn’t buy anything to eat to wait for another few hours.

I could find their house quite easily. I visited them 2 years ago and I spotted a black cat with glass eye on their neighbor roof this time. You will see it if you have chance to visit them…

Take-husband was still at work until late night when I find their house but Mie-wife took care of me so nicely. Well, both of them are very good at cooking and they make original beer, veges at garden, miso in the cask and soap with oil. Everything is organic made and taste great!!! Ohhhh, I didn’t taste that soap but felt nice with my nose.
I drunk enough to go to bed before Take came back home…

They took me indoor climbing for 2nd day and MTB for 3rd day. Each evening after activities, they took me to local bar and taste nice beers, and more yummy beer at home with yumyumyum dinner.

They renovate their house by themselves. Toilet seems so comfy after 1 year, and they are adjusting the slant of whole house now. They seem do everything and enjoying it. I like their life style and it was very good to learn their vibes and see their smile all the time.

It was so nice to see them and spend great time at Nelson but it’s time to go back to another nice home at Amberley. I was missing to play Hide & Seek…

Rest of NZ 2/5 : “to Mt Hutt then Hanmer Springs”

After a few days at Amberley played with Anya, she starts to make work of paint by herself so it was time to leave her for me.




One of another good friend was still on the snow at Mt Hutt. It’s about 2 hours drive from Amberley with 27 years old Maz-erati 323.
There was a place where closed to all vehicles because the Earthquake damage. Yes, it was quite big one and still there is lots of damages left…

It was nice spring snow condition above cloud on the hill as some people do picnic style at car-park area for lunch. And I saw a few friends from Wanaka over there. Actually they found me and called my name from far away. I wear helmet, goggle and face mask but they could see me. I wasn’t do a style Ninja enough…?

On the way back to Amberley from Mt Hutt, I dropped in Oxford to see my friend’s Mom and invited for yummy dinner successfully. She always cooks like a chef on TV!

Next day, I went to Hanmer Springs to join my friend’s family trip. My friend’s family, his parents, his 2 brothers and their wives. 4 girls gathered and their power was crazy. No chance to sleep in but so fun to watch them. Their sight is amazingly wide and free. I need that sense and energy for my photography!!!

I left Hanmer Springs with painful reluctance because they still stay there for another night and having looks nice lunch at that time. Oh well, I had chips while my driving…
And I head to Nelson to visit another happy friend.


Rest of NZ 1/5 : “Leaving Wanaka”

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My winter 2010 at Wanaka NZ is finished with Treble Cone closing day on 3rd of Oct, then I had time to do short trip until my flight on 14th of Oct.

Ski shops in Wanaka start to change display for spring.
All the rental gears is time to hibernate in the cold shed and skibum start to warm up and make their foot dry the sunshine.
Well, I felt that this winter wasn’t so cold but cold enough to keep nice snow condition, then many cloudy and windy days continued to spring time. I didn’t have many nice spring skiing days…, but I enjoyed winter condition, though. 

One of my best friend made plan to pick me up with their luxury car so that I didn’t need to do nice packing, just throw all the gear out and chuck into their car while a lady killing time at lakeside.

We left Wanaka around noon time and head to this friend’s house at north of Christchurch. During our driving, we got lots of Bug Bomb but his car is tough enough to survive in this farm land.
At the half way of trip, we had chance to see my Wanaka-flatmate again and got alm. They went salmon fishing in not early morning and caught 10, then we got 3. One of them was smoked and tasted very well!!!

After several driving with dolls attach from a lady on the child-seat, we arrived at their beautiful house.
And there was nice spring weather, running around on the grass, doing “Hide & Seek” in the house. It was so nice to sit at bench under the sun, smell sheep, and escape from Magpie’s protect attach..