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Month: November, 2011


I took photo tonight!
I’m proud of myself remembered to take photo…

Plan to play with my car is still half way
Learning from mistake
Well, I prefer to make it easily without any troubles…
Chin up 🙂

“Finally Did Update”

Booze night at last Saturday
Same faces everytime
After a while to drink for myself
Then…, I was done…
I still need to learn how to drink

I finally finished to edit and update my homepage
Lots of images of Tohoku area where Tsunami damaged
Please check them out as we need to remember what happened
There is some panoramic-movie as well

It’s almost December, isn’t it?
Let’s keep good body condition for cold weather!

“Should Check This Out!”

We can buy movies through iTune these days, and it’s very cheap
But, I want to have that feeling by hand except for watching with my eyes if it is great stuff

Satisfied with its skiing scene
And other scenes, superb!
Great pictures
Brilliant ideas!

Probably I can drink with watching this movie
Well, I need to be stronger for drinking…


“More Losses”

It was Futsal competition today
Boys & Girls mixed team one
Girls play well these days
So, boys plays more serious
2 wins and 3 losses…
Well, it was fun!

I will try to get more win in next time…
I forgot to take photos of games…, again
This image is an event after the games…


Though, this is a news few days ago…
Tetsu who I go photo shooting on JaPow many days
Tetsu always keep smile and talk in Kansai intonation
He steps up to international team of 4FRNT Ski!
When I heard this news from his calling was at outside but in sleeping bag
I’m so happy about this kind of Japanese skiers news
We need to tell people what a wonderful and fun sport ski is!
Please check his interview on Re-Ski website from clicking the image below!


“More Comfortable”

Got smaller

Wiring for the sound at first
Steering wheel for the next…


Morioka-Yokohama-Nagoya, then Tokoname
I felt jet lag-like feeling for 2 days since I came home
I met Autumn-ish color on the wall at neighbor’s after several months

Soccer time at last night
It was a little bit muddy but seems like better than its condition of Tajikistan…

There was 2 magazines at home when I came back
There is full of ideas in this magazine

There is full of new images in this magazine

Check them out!!!

In this early morning, annoy sound came into my ear
Though, I didn’t get itchy…

“To Home”



Walking around there and there
Had conversatin with many people
Pushed shutter lots and lots
Had really rich days

Looked up stars from same spot as the beginning
Spending charging time for during free hours

2 more appointment in this afternoon
When the sun start to rest, we head to city

“Beaten By Rain…”


Had bath 2 days in a low
It will be at home for next one I guess

Stay at a great facility area, almost outside of it…



We had 2nd chance to sleep with histoical people
It became in rain after a while, though

Our morning plan was changed shorter
2 kind drivers gave us great ride to north

And now, waiting for stopping rain and also take a bath