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Month: May, 2011


Head to a restaurant when it still bright to have fun at outside
Queue appeared when it opens at 5:30 pm…
It was raining, though…

“All U Can Eat” style after a while
Salad and some fries are self pick-up
Then we order Main dish-Italian at table
We started laughing before chatting when we check each plate
Colors are different per person

We moved to another place to drink
Nice Euro-Color interior car

It was FUN 🙂


It was yesterday but, it’s in store now
Ski gear catalogue book for 2011-2012
From Bravo Ski
There is lots of great new stuff…
Some photos of mine are also used in it
Thank you 😉


Finished to edit it, spring stuff
Finally, for now, bra bra bra…
Very difficult to play with movie
And my PC is not good for movie editing

And, she is super busy to throw away all old stuff now…
Maybe work whole night during my sleep
I will give you some resting time later!

“Fun at Night”

Main even of the day was at night time
Futsal under the light!
Oxygen starts to help my brain these days
And all the fatigue stuck around my back…

Rain comes back from tomorrow

“How It Works…?”

Forecast was good result!
It wasn’t good at all when I was child because our area is apart from main city
Well, it was always good way, though
Rain changed to cloudy, was common happening

I got a info and facing to PC again
I don’t have iPad or smart phone stuff so I can’t get answer quickly
And I have to wait for a reply from friends…

Tomorrow will be another fine day 🙂

“Damp Day”

Raining all day long
Overcast lighting of sky
Nice temperature and calm sound of rain
I love it, but need to be roofed above


Rain around noon time as the forecast
Forced to stay inside
Cool breeze and clear air
Nice evening time

It was good fun to play soccer last night
It was fun to drink afterward
And it was yummy noodle afterward
Then it was lazy morning today…

“Today Was,,,”

Delivered a stuff in this morning
Push the key to upload some data
Went jogging in this evening and got quite tired…
And I’m still waiting for finishing that uploading now……

This picture was on the wall at INDRES House in Hakuba which fascinated me

“Push the Key All Day Long”

Black&White film came back from developing
Usually I use digital these days so I felt it a little bit troublesome
I used hours to scan…
I found some very nice one!

I prefer film than digi
I will put some of them on my website!
And, I could edit my website and you probably can watch it now!


Why why whY
Looking at google engine all the day…

It gets better now, though
I don’t know the difference
There is still some trouble…
Well, I should stop for my dreamland!
I will go into google world tomorrow again…
Takahiro Nakanishi Photography