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Month: May, 2012


Strange weather for this spring
I heard that there was about 20cm snow fall at mountain area of central Hokkaido…
Thundercloud bring squall-ish rain often
We also see warning of tornado couple of times…

But, the temperature in morning and evening is pretty nice

Here is a watermelon which I ate couple of nights ago
I wonder if it’s happy to eat vegetables, fruits, etc, without seasonal changes or not?
Well, this watermelon was sweet enough, though

There are colors for this season at garden
There is no roof, no conditioning temperature
I feel letting nature take its course is good, and better, probably the best

Tokyo trip is coming on next week, yes I will…

PS   I changed my homepage‘s top-page design, just a little bit
Please check it out 🙂


Visited a friend’s family after a while from AM

We had simple but nice lunch
Then helped to set sunshade for their sunny sunny window

Played with their kids at evening

Fun & Yum hand roll sushi for dinner
AND, it was nice 🙂

Watched Women’s Volleyball game on TV after dinner
Then movie program afterwards
My friend from Univ, he went to buy some treats for us in half way of movie…
So, I had tasty ice-coffee!

The date was changed when I got back home
It was fun weekend!
I also could watch PreCure girls for the first time 😉


I went to play Futsal, first time for this year
It was so fun, especially first 1 hour!
Well, both calves and toes started to move without my control…
Before they get completely cramped, I took GK position

Telemark skiing and walking around on snow are not good enough
Especially calves, I need to use more often on snow, somehow

And my good friend Uske, runs very well with his favorite number 11!

How I will be able to play longer ASAP 😦

“Start from The End”

Sitting in front of PC these days

I creat a stuff to get comfy system around my dest
Well, it took only 1 hour for this satisfaction!

I start to use this glass which was sitting in my car during most of winter
It was presented from Geoff from Meathead Films
This is perfect size for a can of beer!
Ski The East, here is heaven of powpow!

This is a shot from the last shooting trip
It was the first time to ask friend for taking my photo with my camera, I guess
“Red Light, Green Light…?”

This backpack which I wear is “Satori EXP” form F-stop
I knew it would not be that big trip at all for this day’s shooting but I wanted to feel it ASAP
And, I like it
Satori EXP” will be one of my most favorite gear for next winter 🙂

Well, I look forward to be in next winter already…

“One Day Ago”

I had dinner with old friends last night
I talked about them before as well, 1 W + 3 M, Team Singles…
I have another team to go drink sometime as well, all this teammates are married…

Theme of the dinner was high quality Beefsteak with tasty Vino Tinto
When we stopped at a butcher, there is a baseball boy
I wonder why he train the swing like this narrow space, on sidewalk…
Well, when I see like this kids who practicing after team training, I feel wanting to cheer them
Ummmm, it sounds like a old guy’s lines…, am I?

When we arrived at dinner place at a friend’s house, salad was already on table

We had a problem for wine opener then a guy became bad mood who bought wine

This bad mood guy start to cook this yummy steak
Wine’s cork was taken off nicely at this stage so he looked happy already and enjoy cooking 😉

 There is a rice cracker for drinking after dinner
It’s from Kyoto
Its taste very nice but too hot to keep eating… 😦

Then this valuable-our local area limited milk appeared on table
Because this company family owes this house 😛

We stayed there until the sky starts bright finally
So fun, so yummy, so easy going…, old friends are the best!

“Fun Hours From Noon to Night”

I left Hakuba yesterday and at home now
The winter season of 11-12 is finished for me…, probably

We played a dice game for the last night at Hakuba
My Swedish friend told this game to me several years ago and it’s so fun!
Toshi uses his big brain a little bit…

After that long night, I got up early in the next morning somehow
Spent morning hours in beautiful weather and clear air

We left Hakuba at noon
Chose a country road, take us home, country road ♪
Wow, that location with that fine weather…, sooooooo beautiful!
Also I didn’t need to drive, which was perfect!!!
We could see a peak with tiny snow left on it
ShoeHey, arigato for driving 🙂

Keep driving down south in the green getting deeper and deeper in the valley
Window was totally opened

We arrived at Toyota in evening, then head to Okazaki afterward
We went to see Hama-chan who injured in middle of winter
She seems quite well, her leg is still weak but no more crutch since this evening so I feel better!
And, I forgot to take photo of her…
ShoeHey also forgot…
Hama-chan didn’t take photo of us neither…
Well, it was so moved one to see each other…, yes probably it was…, maybe…

ShoeHey and I headed down a little bit more south to see another friend, Mr Ohta
It was chilly at outside of Starbucks for the night
That chatting was so fun so I didn’t feel so much cold but it was definitely chilly, though
And I didn’t forget to take photo this time!

Ummm, lots of photos to organize ASAP…
Ummm, need to read and understand some English ASAP…
Ummm, need to send some stuff ASAP…
I would love to feel this warmth of Spring well very slowly…

“The Last Chapter of 11-12”

It was great shooting under the sun shine
Typical spring scene to have rest in the shade, avoiding the sun-beam

Very spring scene in the valley
Hakuba has mellow & relaxing atmosphere

We tried to cook Ramen-Noodle for the dinner
4 of us shared work…, Chicken soup, Roast Pork, Soft-Boiled Egg and Noodle
Then,,, surprise!!!
It became tasty yummy wonderful tremendous noodle!

We wondered it wasn’t that super hard…
Well, if we start to make better, we won’t be able to find the goal…

Weather forecast was right and it was rainy day today
The director spend time creating art on the door in extra hours

A guest came over in this afternoon
Then petit party started here

My 11-12 snow season will be finished by this rain I guess
I feel sad, and happy…, depend on what I drink at that time 😉

Here is a movie from this fun shooting session↓
I was surprised with his potential to edit like this movie in a few hours
It shows about this session so much fun as I felt at that moment
I look forward to watch their new release DVD for this coming autumn!
INDRES Formation!!!


Full of sun shine today!
I prepared float ring
And we forgot it…
It seems summer like color these days, but we still poach snow!

Onsen after exhausted
Then 2 riders almost pass out at relaxing room

There is tulip at car park at INDRES house

The location where we visit these days
I got information of this place from another photographer today
It was big snow winter around here
There was no snow left around this season normally
So, it might be the first and the last chance to do shooting

It will be another sunny day tomorrow!


“The Last Session”

I came back to Hakuba again
This will be the last snow session for this winter season
We will enjoy and do our best!!!

I made a little bit bitter one…
Well, I still could enjoy it

There is still some places which is closed by snow
Then we go for a walk to do shooting session!

We found a lovely place 😉

“Nice Infos”

I went to feel the sound of ocean/bay
It was calm nice day
I also found my name there!

I visited au mobile phone shop to pick a stuff up
A staff lady told me a good info about discount
I wouldn’t know if I didn’t talk to her…
I got another good info from another staff lady
But I’m afraid of forgetting about it 2 years later…, so I didn’t take it
Though, I could get some cash back, even I haven’t/won’t pay any…
Anyway, talking with ladies are nice 😉

So, my office looks a little bit more looks office than nothing