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Month: December, 2010

“Already, Again…”

I always feel, it’s coming close suddelny…, the end of the year
Especially its passing so fast since I arrived in Hokkaido
There was 4 friends birthday around X’mas
So that, I could have chance to eat yummy roll cake and became happy

My boss and co-worker became very happy with their roll cake

It’s strange climate again…, no snow fall at this time…
Where is typical Niseko condition?
Well, we can’t do anything for it so we try to enjoy Bamboo Grass Ski

But we prefer on snow so walked on white stuff but totally flat

I want to make turn on fluffy white snow these days…
Forecast says its come from 5th
And my friend from Europe comes from 5th…
I really hope that good snow condition give them big smile while their staying!

Year 2010 is almost finishing in several hours
Thank you very very much for all of you!
I hope to have great time with you in 2011 again!

Enjoy the end of the moment of 2010
Happy New Year!


“Waiting 4 … “

Backcountry area is getting much whiter
Still in the resort is greener
Lots of bamboo grass
Branches everywhere
Not enough snow
Well, on piste is good…

Hokkaido Powder Guides kicked off their business around Niseko
Trustful guides under world wide association is waiting for you
And I’m being a part of their finger to help, only tiny bit, though

When they don’t have clients, we do pre-guiding program
They always gathering information for the safety and fun
To be honest, admired their attitude which is normal for them

Aaaaaaand, first time visiting for this winter to Sapporo city
Those bright light made my finger pushed the shutter tripping

And then, I got new backpack finaly
It’s produced especially for camera
It’s so nice and comfy, I love it and keep smiling these days!



We still need lots more snow fall
But still there is lots of things to do to have fun

At last night, we headed to a bar to kill the time until 0am
And another friend came over and his life is colorful
He makes anything which he wants to make
Like, snowboard, boat, house, skateboard, etc.
His motto is “if someone already make the one then I can make it as well”
He kept taking photo of warm drink until it became cold…

Then, this is the weather forecast in this morning
Winter is arriving finally???

It’s snowing well at outside of the window right now


I went to drive and walk to have look condition
We head to Niimi Onsen today
A cat welcome us from his favorite box with his easy position

There is lots of strong character people living around here
And here is a bronze statue with aflo-hair style

We had great Onsen after some ski touring on snow
Afterwards, they served tea and some snack stuff

We had yummy Pumpkin-Dumpling soup at the end
It was so tasty!

Our winter is still quite brown & green condition
Weather forecast seems some snow is coming from tomorrow…

“Land On Hokkaido”

I arrived at Niseko at last night
It was quite high wave on the Ferry…
I’m trauma for that sick so I slept longer than my eyes open…

At that night, I worked for BONTAK till 0am

I got up in early this morning and went and take a look the condition for touring with HPG
We need lots more snow…
It was first time to see like this high bamboo leaf around here…

Waiting for big dump…
Huge dump…



Played Futsal at Saturday night
That 2 hours from 9pm was just keep going, tired but so fun!

Took shower after Futsal and start to drive
It was quite nice and smooth drive without sleepy mode

I went ski with Kate from NZ at Hakuba Happo on Sunday
My legs had been done in a few minutes
But we just go back to off-piste each time…
And we finished after noon time
Great start for the winter!

I had dinner with snowboarder friends who did snowboard camp at next ski hill of Happo
We went to a noodle shop and there is free rice service!

I went to bed after 2 hours drive, on the way to Niigata city

The ferry to go to Hokkaido from Niigata today is at 11pm…
And so I’m doing update this blog at McDo

I will go to change engine oil…
Go to electronics shop to kill the time…
Then might back to here again to have dinner…
I have to think about charge of car park in the city…

Well, my drive is going well and smoooooooooth


“Allons Y”

I chuck gears into my car today
It’s not for airplane so that it’s so easy compare to good packing
It’s just “CHUCK”
Afterward, I will organize them on the way driving…

Departure time is at midnight
I have another chance to kick the ball, at Futsal ground
Just a few hours delay

I found a data when I sorted my PC out
Right after TC in NZ closed at this Oct
I felt sad but I’m happy for this coming winter now

Nagano tomorrow, Niigata the day after tomorrow
Hokkaido in 3 days

Warp to winter by the land

I don’t charge at all if you want to sit next on me but only one way
If you catch ferry, you need to pay for it, though


“Making A Memory”

It’s almost the time to go to winter life
I visited my sister’s family to make a memory
It was done in a second and went to have lunch together
It became another great memory for me

To pretty nieces, your uncle-kid will come back to see you in next spring!

Well, I still have time before leaving home, and need to prepare my car…



Another alcohol topic after the last one
It’s decided suddenly
Thanks lot for my old friends who always take care of ME!

“I mistook the sitting place…”

Nieces had poor health for a week
But they came to show their smil!
Younger one is getting used to GranPa but not to me yet…
Well, older one is pretty close now so it will be closer soon
Then, I will see them in 4 months or later…

“Granddaughter settled in GranPa’s arms”

Then, here is another alcohol night
For the end of year plus welcome home and see you again for me
We had great time until another place
Tons of thanks for my all friends makes my life happier
There was a big news,
which was a little bit confused and I thought I couldn’t understand Japanese
Anyway, we had so many topics to talk

“Typical shot of mine for the party, just before forgetting the last chance”

I finally developed monochrome film
Printing in same time is a little bit expensive so I did scanned them by myself
I finally could do this today after a while
3 films after a year…..
I saved enough points to get free films now so I will take more mono-film shots
Fun fun fuN!

“Microorganism, Noticeable”

I feel busy to do for myself these days
Heading to north in several days

“Study of Society”

I went to Nishiki to take some photos because one of my friend
Those bars are not my way, too expensive…
2nd bar’s lady allow to use her photo on this page
She has lots of knowledge to talk with customers as professional
Here is their bar’s homepage

It became much colder from yesterday suddenly
Some snow falling new at mountains…
Maple leaves changes color finally
But it will be disappear in a second, though…