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Month: July, 2011

“Description of A Summer Trip”

I took a drive today for a day-off

It was nice temperature in morning when I start
After a tunnel, there is another summer, hot one…

First destination was in a bathing place
I felt  uncomfortable with my camera in my hand
because, there is some BIKINI girls walking around…

It was so nice to feel the smell of ocean
Ummmm, I didn’t hear any sound of waves…

Can you see?
Anything there?

It’s just a huge rocky face
Excuse my boring Q

Moved to a pond in the mountain
A name card, looks pretty noticeable but very simple
Maybe it’s flashily design to be noticed…?

There is a legendary big fish in it
Possibly its size about 2~4m
That 2m difference is quite big, though
Well, it’s still pretty big anyway

He got a name “Namitaro”
Stared at this imagined statue’s big shiny eye…

“Light of Night”

Light in the dark
These are artificial stuff, though
Well, it’s still beautiful
BUT, mosquito bite me at those place
I wonder why they don’t take just blood…
I wonder why they leave itchy poison stuff as well……

“Mrs Guest”

No smoking in this hotel
There is a place at lobby for smokers…

Made a tiny space to put them in small soap box
And left sexy kiss-mark on…

Excuse my sarcasm sentence
But I’m self-confident for it

“This Neighborhood”

Big Sun comes back but inside is still quite cool
I went outside once but it wasn’t so hot
Perhaps summer is almost over…, probably not……

“Blue Shadow”

“Strange Statue”

I wonder if I will be able to fly to far south…

“It’s Cool Here”

We didn’t have any influence by Typhoon and sunshine comes back!
But it was still a little bit colder in shade
And it’s a little bit chilly at night…

There is not much number of customers these few days and so I can take time for myself

Co-worker “Kikutch” handled a yellowtail at evening

We had its meat around head

Here is a place to avoid hot summer…


Its arrived at Japan
There is dark gray stuff in the sky
Evening Cicada sings at twilight
Mellow mode full-throttle
I should better to go to bed earlier tonight…

“Wooooo :-)”

I went to have tea afternoon during working
“Oyaki” shop at neighborhood
This lady come to help us sometime

Handmade taste inside

Mellow seat side

She is researching new taste of Oyaki all the time
I got 2 of them today and it was pretty nice

Congratulations, Nadeshiko Japan!!!
I got full energy from early morning!!!!!

“Construction Worker Day”

Flash flood by the heavier rain a few days ago
It leveled mountain and influenced on water-jump facility
I went to help their restoration today

It has been pretty hot these days
But I listened friend’s advice, just a little bit…, and it helped me heaps

I took pants and long sleeve shirts and water proof jacket just for in case
I was thinking that I won’t need them at all because it’s summer time now
But, somehow, I chuck them into backpack

It was still hot when we arrived at that place
Invaded to tall grasses area and then hiked up in the stream…
There is a pool to save & filter the water from waterfall that we still couldn’t see
Well, it was filled with rock and sand by that flash flood……

Tidy up for our steps at first then digging pool
Its depth was just for our shin…

Dug it to our waist deep and check the water through its duct at the bottom
Then chuck all the rocks-only rocks, into the pool
During that work, we need to sitting right under that waterfall…
We needed to change often before we get lower temperature

About 5 hours job, we finally made it
So now, water-jump facility can run well

That mark of flash flood was astounded
If this job happen often…, well, not fun…
These staffs effort is great and so we can enjoy dropping easily
You should come and jump into fresh water with ski/snowboard for this hot summer!
I will not be there, though

Well done boys!

“Emotion at Twilight”

It was rain at last night weather forecast
And it was beautiful blue-sky in this morning

I found a queue of stinkbug at window
All of them are turned on their back…

Heavy rain arrived suddenly in afternoon
I kind of knew it from the sky looks & smell
It was pretty HEAVY one
Sounds like Thunderman telling us that summer is here now

Evening time right after that stormy rain
Rainbow showed  very clearly
I wondered that rainbow reflected on the water surface…

Active drops from leaves who couldn’t hang on higher with wind

Sky was so pretty
I would be able to look at her forever if there is no mosquitoes…
And there was music of evening cicada, was soooooo nice

My legs got many bitten by mosquito
I think they are fresh-eating one around here…
The mark of their bite showed some blood
It swelled pretty well
It’s not so itchy yet but scared when I image about tomorrow…
I wonder it was mosquito…, or something else…
I didn’t notice them at all……

“Dinner, Few Weeks Ago”

I should put it here before I forget…
Before it goes in warehouse…

The first event in this month
3 boys hanging around handmade curry
Chef is a daughter of…

There was full of side dishes on the table (cooked by her mom)

Always YSK plays with me and try to taste one of 2
There is another 2 regular boys YJ & EJ beside who you can’t see now

Here is a nutrient of our home area
It’s used for coffee after dinner, I didn’t use it, though

I look forward to be invited for next dinner!
Well, I’m far away from there now, though

Curry, most of your love