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Month: March, 2011

“Time Travel Experience”

Car staying ~ Backcountry shooting in 5 nights 6 days
Staying in car is just saving budget
Apart from people a few hours with skinning on snow
Slightly going down the hill on the way back so it takes about half an hour

Back home-car at sunset time everyday
Take Onsen and refresh feeling and fatigue
Well, our conversation is still about that disaster
Everyone got deep scar in ones heart…
And it hasn’t finish at all……

Other areas become spring condition with mellow but nice air
Here was like in the fridge, kept great dry snow all days long
Thanks for my companies to go shooting with!!

When I came down to town after a week, it becomes spring scenery
I guess Taro Urashima got huger shock than me

Head to mountain from tomorrow again
3 boys in a tent this time
No chance to live in this net-world for several days…



It becomes warm and then cold, and warm again…, in March
Cold pressure bring winter dry powder snow on the mountain
Half way down is wet and packed hard condition…
But then when the evening time, dryer snow covered everywhere

I stay like this place these days
Most of the time



There was a competition at Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort
And we had auction for supported goods
All the sales goes to stricken area via Niseko town
Here is some charity events these days
I hope the power reach to them

This ski season from  winter to spring
Feels like the seasons mixed up…


“So Far…”

I lives in my van from several days ago
I feel warmth of sleeping bag a lot when it gets colder at night
I feel the warmth of sunshine at day time
I’m fine

I feel sad that the snow start to melt fast these days
But for now, I prefer it becomes warmer season as soon as possible

“What a……”

I can’t leave from in front of TV…
I was scared shake of earthquake
Then I finally know that Tsunami is another awful stuff…

The warning for Tsunami is still going on after it happened yesterday
To be honest, I can’t imagine that its victims feeling, must be so sad and scary…
I just can pray for them/us that it won’t be worth anymore


“Offered Bribe to the Sun…?”

It’s same as the last year…
Snow condition is great when Meathead Film crew come to Kiroro!
Sunshine appeared for shooting moment, whenever we ready yesterday…
Typical timing is opposite…, always waiting for the light

Well, we had to wait sometime today
But only a few minutes…

They do filming with like this oldish video camera often

I had to drive so I took glasses of water
Though, it’s good for tired muscle
I preferred to drink beer with them…

Weather forecast is snowy days while they stay in Hokkaido
It’s spring time!!!


“Meathead Films”

They came back to Japan!
They decided to come to Japan like 10 days before their flight
And they play with me again

Their DVD title is  “Work It Out” for this season
I wonder what’s the title for next DVD
Will I be able to be in it as a passerby…

I join to go shooting with them from today
Walk, search, climb, jump…

I enjoyed these “Beauty” between their stunt and climb

What’s the plan for tomorrow…?


“Round Round Round Round”

Ski touring after a while!
Head to Yoichidake from Kiroro
It was nice to go with this area’s super local
Nice weather for the 1st drop
We didn’t get great light for 2nd drop…

We toured from South to East via its peak
So it became like Yoichidake round tour

It was nice twilight we came back at bottom
Chilly winter condition today but feels so nice!

I wonder why it becomes in shade for shooting time…
Very nice sunshine when we walking/skinning up
It’s still beautiful light when we are checking the line
Then sun goes behind the cloud when we are ready to drop in…

Nature is interesting!


“Two Minutes +”

If you have time, please click to start
It’s just for my own fun memory…
It was FUN!



Friendly Mrs Low-Pressure
We got some new snow with strong wind…

I still don’t know my neighbors
Whenever I go for a walk, I stop and go backward often

Looking forward to see tomorrow

Should I go to bed now, or play with PC a little bit more…