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“At Another New Blog…”

I opened new blog
I try to make it shorter story…
Well, I will write in this blog sometime
When it seems become longer…

Please check them out!

“3 Games in a Row”

Last Night
The first time to play soccer since I came home from NZ!
We didn’t have enough number then moved goals for half-court-size
Actually it was nice for me after 5 weeks no hard running days

This Morning
I was called for this game at last night when we had beers
I come to this field since I was kid and many memories
I started to play after 15 mins past
I played at DF, not used to it so I had to think different things…
Well, it was still FUN!

Before Noon
Another game at the same field
I was asked them because they just have the number of players
So, I started as a bench-warmer
I started to play from second half
But, soooooo fun!

I met few good friends there after a while

There is familiar faces between different teams…, somehow
There is familiar faces in opponent team…, somehow
I guess this mellow style makes this league nice atmosphere 😉

“From Winter To Summer”

It was pretty comfy for staying at Air-Lounge in Christchurch Airport
I did just 1 hour nap there, then check-in at 4:30
I adjusted bags for check-in and it worked so well
I wonder when I had like this smooth check-in before 🙂

Fly to Auckland Airport by Domestic line
The color of sky before the sunrise is so amazing

Surface of cloud start to appear just before the sun comes out

Another day is starting!
I guess this airplane is still new, and this window has no scratches 😉

And here at Auckland, change to International terminal and then departure
It’s quite tight schedule to change terminal…
But I know it has enough time and no hurry at all
Some people who doesn’t know about this time to spare get quite nervous and mad
Kind of same as driving car
Try to go faster and get speed up a little bit, but still there is some points have to stop then easy to catch up
I should think this mellow style for my driving, and other life situation 😉

The last flight for this trip
12ish y-o boy was on my next seat
One of kids who had culture-exchange trip I guessed
I wondered if he has enough sense for his body size-he is not big one and quite normal size
His elbow and knee pushed me many times whenever he move
At the end, he came to my seat to lying down for his nap?
I pushed him away at that time, though, there is his friend at the other side…
I thing this type of person doesn’t feel anything uncomfortably when they touch to the other people…
Should be quite easy to spend with other people?
ThougI started to push his elbow away and kind of enjoying it after a few hours

Anyway, I enjoyed that flight with movies watching and landed on Narita Airport
There was a skier who entered World Cup in the same flight
I followed her to go to Tokyo city because the same direction
It was so easy and nice to follow someone at big city!

We checked Bus stop for me at first, then headed to dinner
Ramen noodle!
I love to have noodle in Japan, especially after oversea trip 🙂

Athlete Ami takes care of her food all the time but still enjoy yummy noodle

Said bye-bye to her at Shinjuku and caught a night bus to Nagoya
I completely ignore the stopping for rest whole the way and had long nap

I couldn’t find my phone just before that bus leaves Shinjuku and I jumped out bus and found it on the road…
If I wasn’t a Mobile-Phone-User-Syndrome, my phone is not with me now…

Arrived at Nagoya in early morning

It’s still hot…
Quite humid…
Though, my friend told me that it becomes cooler, but it’s not much as I expected…
Well, I can’t do anything for it because it’s still August……


Fortunately there is lots of photos to edit now in my PC
I still have to take care not to get sick by this heat in my room…

“Recollect During The Last Minute”

Wanaka Staying had finished…
12 days 13 nights were so short that I felt this time!

I visited there for skiing/snowboarding many times
Also I worked there as a ski tune-up staff
So that I have some good friends there

I couldn’t talk with friends about this trip because it was decided kind of suddenly
But I got a place to stay
And I got new friends there
I also could meet some Japanese who lives there, it was quite easy, though… 😉

Chris & Janina who take care of me all the time
We went to dinner with their good friends, and it was Relishes Cafe, first time for me..
There is a bowl which designed nicely for leave tips

At first, I have to say thank you to Jo who organized my bed!
She introduced Olly for me and his sleep-out was great!
Electricity, for sure! There is toilet and shower as well
I could use kitchen at main house so I have nothing to complain!!!

I went out at night time most of the days
Visited friends, restaurant or bar

I went to Wanaka for ski World Cup shooting
There were Japan National Team for Halfpipe and Slopestyle
They were so kind to me so I had nice time with them
I really hope all of them will be able to go to Sochi Olympic Game!
I appreciate they give me time for shooting during their competitions and practice days!

And this morning, Olly gave me a ride to Bus Stop from his house
I chuck my bags on his boat which is towed by his car 😉

I arrived there a little bit earlier
I had morning-cafe time which I was interested for trying once and it didn’t happen before

I felt winter-ish chilly air at today’s Wanaka
Well, it’s still winter season so…
Most of days were quite warm during my staying

Patagonia‘s Ultralight Down Hoody which I got just before I leave Japan
It’s very thin but very warm
I wore it inside of outer jacket then I could keep warm during competitions-silence movement
This is great stuff 🙂

And this is the one I always using, f-stop
This is my favorite and great stuff for camera gears!

A car with trailer which parked behind my bench at lake-front
Very original designed convertible…

I finally could see this, sheep moving
I need to watch this to feel NZ-ish lifestyle!!?

I remembered that I rolled with a car (I was back seat) around here in several years ago…
The fence which we smashed seemed fixed now…

More event was there on this bus trip…

Same bus company’s bus got rear tires burst…
Our drive had to take care of it but our timetable didn’t get that much modification
I guess that bursted bus got at least 2 hours delay..?
But they didn’t have any serious problem which is good news
Can you see a dot-bus in this photo?

Arrived at Christchurch airport at evening
I spent hours at food court until its closed

Now, this renovated airport has great facility!
I’m so happy that I visited Ken‘s house at last evening!
Thanks a lot Keiji to let me know this amazing information!!!

It opens from20:30 to 8:00
Here is Bean Bags, tables, chairs, powre-for sure, TV…
A staff stay here so I can leave my gears alone sometime
We get this smily stamp after paid $5
Then it’s free to go out and come back
Otherwise, here is no washroom…

So, I’m waiting for the flight in next early morning
Probably I will have nap after upload this blog…
Editing photos.., after going back home…

I feel a sense of fulfillment for this whole tirp
Then I don’t want to leave here!!!
This feeling is similar as when I came to NZ at first time, years ago…
Like, I have to come here back and start returning life…
I didn’t feel like this serious when I could come here back easily (?)

Ahhhhh, here is a sad news.., for myself
I missed to see Tim who gave me this Wanaka Life’s starting chance!

Thank you soooooo much for Bravo Ski and Fellow Travel!
This was a job so I should not say like this but.., I enjoyed it more than lots!
So now, I wish all the photo data works well to make nice story 😉

At the very last, I caught cold…

Perhaps I was released from pressure
Maybe I got tired from too much fun…

🙂 🙂 🙂

“A Few Days Left…”

I remembered it started with this extra charge again
Well, it’s always happen…, can’t help…

The last night at Queenstown, we went to 3 bars with local friends
We could go out from this bar by nice timing
Thanks Kazoo for that opportunity!!?

Just a break before check-in…

It was so nice to have like this view all the time during its flight!

Same drink, just town was changed

A Japanese man recover in 3 mins

Following this AUDI logo after my companies left

It was very nice blue sky today!
Well, I can hear rain now and it would be like this sky again…?
I wish NOT!

I can smell the exhaust fumes of bus between here and Chch already…

“Wanaka After Flyings”

Auckland – Queenstown – Methven – Christchurch – Wanaka
I’m in happy days of 2nd half without any update of happy days of 1st half!
There was so many moving, meeting, drinking, laughing with 2 companies in that 1st half 🙂

And now, I came to Wanaka by myself
And here is many friends again and more happy days 🙂
But I can’t keep this happy hours…
Waitings in fog and wind on snow…

There is many topics but most of them are not so nice for here, so please check them out on the magazine in several months

At Wanaka, I’m walking there and there

“Pressed” which we can find around here easily

“Afternoon Break”

“Chestnut Lady” at a street corner
It’s not the same one as our Japanese one, though…
It’s pretty nice as a snack!
Tasty stuff, but I didn’t see her today…

Training in town after training at mountain
World Cup competitors are athlete!

Super relaxing moment at a friend house

The sight on the hill is like this most of the time since I came here
Well, this one is slightly better than most of the day…
“Gradation By Human”

Are you feel sick, Mr Sky?

I hope the weather get better for this weekend
I wish this World Cup will be able to finish nicely!

“Chichibu, Tokoname, NZ”

It was only 2 weeks for this time
I finished staying at Chichibu safely
It was very lucky that the weather was cooler during my staying there

We had some nice and relaxing time a few days
My boss, H-RU enjoying his tanning

A customer’s Air-Conditioner’s outside unit
Supported by spider-web…?

Finished the last job
Tidied rubbish up in the van

Then I drove during the night to go back home!
I did packing of big one, ski-bag
And I took it to a courier-Black Cat to send it to Airport

Ummm, I’ve been oversea with ski/snowboard many times…
My bag always almost full and heavy
Though, I gave up to avoid over-charge for my luggage since several years ago…

Play Futsal at that night!
Fun, fun, FUN!!!

I almost finished rest of packing with lots of sweating
So now, I have to think to get to Narita Airport…
Ummm, another sweating hours…


“Cooler Saitama”

Staying at Saitama for 2nd summer in my life
It was pretty hot but most of days are cooler than last summer so far

I met Jewel beetle, 2 of them were making noise of their flying
So, I stopped my hands and took photos by my phone…
jewel beelte

We worry about a shower everyday these days and it seems stay upon Mt Buko
mt buko

A bar where we went a few nights ago
I found a bottle of whiskey in front of me
The master told me that it is not in menu
Well, I still got a glass of it and it was smooth!

And the cloud of shower is almost arriving

My boss, H-Rue was attached by heat from top and bottom

Another week to go for chilly place 🙂

“Saitama Again”

Back to Saitama for this summer again
But it’s kind of only 2 weeks, shorter than last summer

It was chilly at a mountain pass on the way to here
I found 5 raccoon dogs and about 100 dears
I drove safely to avoid crash with them

I couldn’t have chance to see this, Steam Locomotive for sightseeing
I heard the sound of it when we worked at railway-side house…
So, we stopped our hands and waited for this black machine!
My boss, HIKARU was with me, for sure 🙂

I work here well without wasp attaching !
Ahhhh, I miss to play soccer already… 😉

“Leave Tokoname”

I won’t be able to play soccer for a month from tomorrow…
So, I will do image-training for next chance

SUGAKIYA, I hadn’t been there for ages until last weekend
I went there with ZIRO when I helped their movement at last weekend
This funny spoon with funny shape is slightly changed in this several years…
But its taste is nice and same as that low price 🙂

Icon of Tokoname, Tokonyan sticker has lots of design now

It’s so fun to play soccer/futsal!!!