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Month: July, 2012

“Just Wonder”

London Olympics is started!
I’m enjoying to watch at late night, but try to sleep enough…

And, I’m wondering when I watch Judo
I can understand the action when they win the fight
Most of them just embody what they feel in the court
I remember that I learned about Judo, Kendo, or this kind of DO stuff before
It’s a pirit game/fight, respect the other athlete, showing happiness too much to the looser is impolite, etc…
Well, I notice many non-Japanese Judo athletes embody it too much…
Is my mind and brain too old to watch latest Judo style?
And Ebihara was very polite way as I expect when he got bronze
Maybe he wasn’t so happy because he just missed the gold one…
Other Asian does still nice bow for greeting
How do you think about my opinion???

Summer days here very much
Sweating super hard
Still I feel nice right after start moving and sweat!

“Today’s Shivered Stuff”

Dinner before the day-off 2 days ago
We went to another BBQ
Friend’s chopstick got more scorching than those meats!

An attic for this afternoon
I climbed up and check behind me to make sure
And there is a huge nest of hornet’s nest
I’m soooo happy that it’s already empty…
I felt something strange around my back…

It becomes very summer suddenly after crazy cold weather
There was announcement about warning of high temperature around here
Indeed I felt bad feeling, just a little bit, though

Well, I’m still alive as young man 😉

“Coz Around Here”

Here is many different situation for working
Sometime we need to work in the box of door…, but only watching for me 😉

My latest boss-HKR sometime use this steps for his rehab
We did jog-up this between the moving to next house
I wonder why I did it in this hot summer time…
Do I need to put myself in more sweaty condition?

Here you are!
God, Shishigami on the wall!

Attacked by bee/wasp/? today and it was OUCH…
Tomorrow is day-off
If my leg won’t get any swollen, I shall go for a walk

Evening Cicada singing makes me very happy around here 🙂


Stay at Chichibu longer than I thought

Colorful sign for its railway station

I guess there is lots of chance to find this stuff but it’s one of the most gorgeous one!

At the end of narrow road, tired car recharging at a garden

It’s strange weather with cold temperature these few days
I’m not good at hot summer so it was pretty nice, well, kind of too cold…
I wore fleece layer during these nights…
Warmth, hot and humid air come back from tomorrow……

I wonder how everyone feeling this strange weather in Japanese summer..?

“2 Days Off”

First day-off since I came to Saitama, and it was 2 days in a row!
My boss/friend and I went to have booze at the night before

Day 1, we went to hiking
It was first time for my life to go hiking in summer
My costume was, very nice…
Well, I didn’t plan to go hiking during this working trip at all
And I’m not that big fan to go sweating in hot summer time…
But, I’m a challenger
I should go and try before I start to say , “I don’t like”

Mt Ryogami at out of Chichibu was the place for us

Summer-ish color surrounded us

There is lots of rocky area
And lots of supporting chains there as well

About 3.5 hours to go to the peak
Lots of up and down
Tons of horsefly poked my legs, only my legs, not to my friend’s because they wore long pants…

Dragon’s Nest coming to us!
Weather is coming…

Nice light rain for our descent
My eyes looked and enjoyed something fun all the time

Ummmm, my legs was played with horsefly and itchy…
Does horsefly come to us to have our blood?
I think they just bite and go…, right?
Just bite for nothing, just play for themselves???
So, I hate them…

Day 2
I visited to my friend in Soka-city  who I know since NZ
She lives in USA now and has 2 boys
I played with them and sweat a lot again…
Husband is Kiwi and living in USA…, 5yo and 3yo boys are bilingual
Great environment 😉

“Around Here”

Finally it’s getting summer-ish weather these days…
I’m Ok with drinking enough liquid and taking salt so far!

Eyesore stuff at other side of window…, Ms Mosquito

Not easy melting gear in the plastic bag for the non-flammable stuff…

Autumn color at the shade face

Perhaps it’s their popular style to have 2 aerials for 1 cable around here…
Few houses have 4 of them that I heard
Our administration need to learn how to save the budget ASAP!!!

Well, against of this sentence, I fell mellow atmosphere…

Tasty streetlamp

Another hormone BBQ tonight 😉

Cloud by this rainy season helps me a lot…
But this rainy season’s humidity killing me…
Let’s take care by ourself, by yourself


Country boy talk about another country

Light of sunset feels more beautiful than big city’s color

There is lots of greens at backside of Convenience store
Then I can relax for myself easily

This is one of the most important tool for summer at everywhere!
I Don’t Like Mosquitoes!!!

It’s still comfy to sleep during the night
And get quite hot during daytime when the sun comes out…

“Here, These Days”

Getting Summer-ish weather finally…
I wore fleece the day before somehow

The sign which I found here where I stay for the moment, image of gap

HKR’s expression what kind of situation for his job by his hand

Another hard situation for the last place
But there is beautiful sunset time with good breeze
And HKR asked me to get him in my photo, so he is at the corner

We worked well today so we had dinner at BBQ restaurant
And this is how it happened

It seems getting hotter and hotter
Summer will be here finally!
Though, personally I’m not good at that hot climate…

“A Word”

4ish years old boy
3 of us, adults got “?” with it
What he looked at was…, an empty cardboard box of its product
Can you guess what did he say?
There was Kanji description at beside as well
I think he didn’t think which is top and bottom
I was impressed so much by his potential of imagination








“There is a mobile phone!”
I wonder that mobile phone image will be changed to a flat board shape as smart phone…?


A life started in Saitama
Still my cough stay inside of me so I expect something from drinking high-energy liquid…

I’m getting good these days finally
I can’t give this annoy stuff to my friend!

The job is, I had experience ages ago
We talk often and work together, no stress, outside, new places, FUN

By the way, I tried MNSTR today for the first time
Ummmm, I wonder why all of this kind of energy drink taste so sweet…
I will be a fan of it if there is no sweet and plain taste one…
Are those ingredients make the drink sweet?