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Month: February, 2013

“From Yokohama to Hakuba”

Arrived at Yokohama from Niseko without any troubles…

I found a room with Andy of F-Stop Japan at pretty late night and waited for a few minutes with knocking the door…
Suddenly a guy who I didn’t  know appeared and I kind of hesitated at first
But he welcome me into their room so I went inside and jump into a bed in the dark

In morning, I found out that the guy is Ian who is a product designer of F-Stop which made me happier

The reason why I came to Yokohama was join to an new product event, Inter Style
I helped a booth of F-Stop which has lots of great backpack for camera, great quality for adventure photographer

Andy collect more info from a magazine before heading to the event place

Pacifico Yokohama was the place as same as every year
We walked to there with fresher morning chilly air for 30 mins
It was quite nice one

Papers on the roof of entrance to underground…

Andy draw some letters on the wall of the booth to make more solid

Mr Takeru appeared, he visited most of booths there to gather tons of info
Then update his twitter to show what is happening there on live
He always takes care of me in there magazine, Bravo Ski!

Andy, try to find time for skating with his lovely NIKE

It was temporary but great park for skaters inside of Inter Style space
Great vibes spread out from this area!

F-Stop booth

Açai drink, from Brazilian berry sounds very good for body
This lade told us how good it is as her healthy-look smile also tells well
You should better to check it out!

Backpacking for moving the destination after 2 days helping on concrete
Satori EXP
, in front and Tilopa BC at back makes my movement smoother!!?

Started to walk around Yokohama to find the bus to Hakuba out at this early night time
Lights in big city is not used to my sight and seems interesting
Took photos by my phone and the battery went low super quickly…

The night bus for Hakuba is from Shinjuku
I got one which feels like normal public bus in town, and I couldn’t have relaxing hours so much
Anyway, I could move to Hakuba easily
I arrived at there in early morning, then I had to wait for checking in to a hotel at night
I visited INDRES House and had nice nap for a while
Thank you for your kindness all the time!!!

I joined to an event, organized by F-Stop Japan
6 photographers jam-session style event in 4 days, interesting, isn’t it?
I will write about it for the next blog…


“Start Tripping”

It becomes really tight schedule for this February
It was extremely blank when it was blank, then it becomes opposite situation now

At first, I went to Takikawa city from Niseko
Drove in stormy weather for several hours…, in really white
When I caught up with the car in front at signal, I recognized that it was really stormu…

I got chance to take this event photo, Lantern Festibal at Takikawa

The skill getting better quickly!

The change at Takikawa Railway Station (heart shape)

The change at a corner of its downtown

The change at another corner of its downtown

Head back to Niseko after 1 day off
Will Ng, from Hong Kong, probably he is in NZ when I type for this blog now?
Excuse me but I haven’t give any data of them to them yet so here is a nice shot of them with edited stuff…

Delicious lunch after the shooting with Will, Chie, Atsushi and Shunsuke
There was a heart when I finished my coffee!
I’m dreaming that a great meeting (with girl) will come to me soon!!!?

Late after coffee
I touched a little bit but there is a happy smile to me

Packing time after that shooting
I supposed to borrow bigger ski bag but it was snowboard bag
So, I borrowed another one, retro slim style and used another backpack
Head to Chitose airport in time

Airplane delayed 30 minutes by the snow so it was good for time-ward
Well, there was a over-charge for my baggages weight…


I arrived at Haneda airport right after 23 o’clock
I had confused to get to Yokohama as I don’t know about this area well
I finally caught the last train to Yokohama
I sweat well, everyone wear nice winter-look clothes and I wear thin layers…

I will write the story in Yokohama for next update

And now, I’m at Hakuba, joining to F-Stop  Mountain Shootout
It’s so nice and fun time but also get tired super well…
I can’t sleep when I think about my slideshow…?

“Toooo Much”

Only one day photo shooting for client
I have to make photo-book for them so that I needed lots of nice shots
So, I kept tripping the shutter
The forecast was cloudy with some snow fall but there was nice blue sky for afternoon
So nice to see this blue after chilly weather
And now, I can’t leave from PC screen after took heaps of photos…

And that night, beautiful dinner made me picked lots of them up, and ate too much…

Came back to the comfy house again

Today, the sky was so clear and sunny, but I had to stay inside
I escaped from the light, hid in garage space
It becomes nice cozy office space for today

I go out tonight..?
Play with snow tomorrow..?


“Days @ Sapporo”

Park Air 2013, qualification of Toyota Big Air held at Sapporo
I went to see 2 of my friends of INDRES Formation came from Honshu/main island

It was hard weather for compete at outside
Gusty winds with heavy snow…

Lots of people came and left
This site was a part of Sapporo Snow Festival area, so that there is people everywhere!

Tried BK as a snack which opened in Sapporo lately
Topping option looks nice to create original burger
Very good idea, but I might make too big burger to eat nicely…

By the way, the result wasn’t good for 2 of them…
It was pretty close but then nothing happen
We tried to go to Izakaya-bar to have drink at that night nearby their hotel
Well, it was Friday night, no space for us at that smaller town…
So, we went back to their room for private drink, it was quite comfy

There is skier’s competition on this weekend at same place
You can see petit-Mogul course on right side in the photo above?
I won’t go to see there but it should be fun to watch!
You should better to wear more clothes if you go to watch 😉

“Bcoz The Bad Weather”

It supposed to do an event at Moiwa, “Libery Ski Demo & Enjoy skiing with some riders”
But it was stormy weather there and canceled in early morning…
So now, let’s remembe what was happened in this morning

I met Maroon at Moiwa‘s car park

Their designs are interested to try, though…

Onsen time after we finished that event meeting

Nice lunch after Onsen

The road are so slippery
Please take care of your driving

“My Stomache…”

Here is some YUM since the last update…

I followed team France to Chitose
I supposed to be there earlier but I met another friend who leave Japan on that next day, then I went to have dinner with them
Good volume deep fried Pork dish
I took S size, which is really nice volume
Though, there is M, L size plate as well…

We went to a bar nearby their hotel at Chitose
I had nice imaginary trip to France with these french guys!

I handed photo data to them and I noticed there is a thing on dashboard
A mini-plane, Yuji left it on purpose…?

After stayed at Chitose, I came back to Niseko and went skiing at Moiwa on Sunday
Huge queue for the Japow which I had never seen at Moiwa before!

I joined to another group during this weekday
They come to Niseko to enjoy skiing life here since 6 years ago
Start skiing at early morning then stop around noon time
Go to have lunch, then Onsen, and then yummy dinner at restaurants

Lunch buffet at PRATIVO, at Milk-Kobo in Niseko Village
Lots of vegetables to choose, took a plate of steak, tasty drink-yoghurt and some sweet stuff…
I had lots of menu but took only a thing, the last part of sponge cake “Kasutera” paper…

Course dinner at “Rakuichi”, soba-noodle restaurant
I had to drive so that no booze for me, but there is so testy soba-tea in the kettle and I had too much…?
All the dishes are so nice, for sure!

At a night, Crab dinner at Mogul-Goya
We prepared Nabe-bowl stuff for afterwards but we had enough crabs to fill our tummy…

A new cafe-restaurant “B.C.C White Rock” on the corner of Hanazono entrance
The guys add this place as their favorite place to eat
Beautiful display feels nice
Yummy tasting feels nice again


Nice atmosphere as a cafe in the morning…

I’m having too good opportunities to go back to my guest room-house-car
Thank you for all of those lucky and happy food-luck 🙂