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Month: December, 2011

“The End Of The Year”

Santa is here!
Presents from USA to me
Great skills with comedy sense
New release ski DVD “Prime Cut” from Meathead Films

The last day of 2011, we had nice photo shooting at Niseko Moiwa
Nice weather, good snow made us full of smiles

Weather forecast was kind of stormy today
Though, it was nice mellow day
I wonder if we can see Ezo-Fuji for new year…

Another few hours left this year
Lots of people helped me
Thank you soooooo much!

Please help me more for next year again 😉

Takahiro Nakanishi

“Part-Time-Job at Ski Resort”

Work for my friend’s company
About 30 seconds walk to a chair lift
You can ski to there from its door if you want
It was a moving job for its owner furnitures
Puking at outside
With strong wind
Work at inside was comfy
Actually it was hot…

Old equipment is a status thing for ski resort lodge

I went skiing in morning, then shoveling snow at afternoon
Like this residence is tough to maintain well
But it’s still gorgeous!
Boss Keith is no problem at higher place
He does very well for his job, ski and child care!

“Gr8 2 C U Again”

It has been 2 weeks since I came to Hokkaido
After Steve’s Family left, I’m seeing friends who hadn’t see since last spring
Without any appointment of it is so nice stuff

At first I met Akira, from Niigata
Funny situation at washroom between the small wall!


Makochin from Hidaka was the 2nd
We had yummy pot in his camper van


Then, Chuck and Nori-san from Furano
It was great BC tour


And Riki from NZ was at last night
Fun fun chatting at new Tsutaya Cafe 🙂


Who’s next?

“Getting Winter Very Much”

My car at last night
Sweep them and visited friend’s house for dinner
Thank you for those yummy Okonomiyaki!

Like this view in this morning at the bottom of hill
New Gondola, is it for 8 person I guess?
Nice and fast, I don’t have time to do relaxing…
I heard it came from Aichi Expo

It was the last night with Steve who I spent this 1 week together
When I came back to room, it just started, CWC!
Barça is so strong, so good team with full of talents
I wanted to watch Neymar more, though…

Let’s have mellower day tomorrow

“Came to Winter in a Day”

Play with PC after a while
It was pretty tough in last a few days…

I suddenly decided to come to Hokkaido
About 3 weeks earlier than its old plan

It started with 18 hours drive
I thought it would be relaxing time schedule
But when I arrived at the first destination was like 30 minutes before its start to move
I proud my keeping timetable ability

Ferry rolled harder than I thought
But I didn’t care with my pre-sleeping style

One of my favorite and friend photographer’s visit in Japan
They stayed at Mr Tanaka’s Powder Lodge for the beginning

I stayed at my new home, Hobo Guest Room

They came here from Southeast Asia so didn’t have shoes for winter
Then this is the one they got for here
Well, looks pretty fashionable stuff…

Connection of people helps me A LOT
I miss my new home but I need luxury experience too!
Its Onsen feels so nice as well

Buffet for dinner
I ate too much and stomach got surprised

The Green Leaf Hotel Niseko Village


It’s very sudden decision for myself as well
Cutting woods, tying strings… since I decided this plan
Well, I haven’t done all yet but I can chuck everything at the last step!

I went to eat dinner with friends
Ra-men noodle!
It was kind of short but densely time
And I got Tokonyan sticker!
Thanks TMJun

Tokonyan keep eyes open at behind of my moving home

Tomorrow, drive and drive, then drive…
From Tokoname to Akita, all local way 🙂

“These 2 Days”

Still it continues
Looks good on paper, though
Put them together, put it in car, then resize & adjust…
…, feels it endless

Ski” arrived
Enjoy skiing, taste yummy stuff…, sounds NICE trip!
Check it out and let’s use those info for this winter!

And, a sweet calendar comes with it!
Look forward to next September!


By this weekend…
Will I be
Able to make it???