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Month: November, 2010


I remembered that I missed to watch the colored leaves in autumn at last year
I wondered if it was good time now
Not yet
But almost
Maybe in a week

Increased roofs around here these days
It’s busy but still tile roof makes me calm
I’m a Japanese, that’s why…?


“Easy Way”

I joined to a Futsal comptetition at Saturday morning with medley team
And I followed my freinds to eat lunch afterwards
That place is my freind’s friend’s house

One of my old freind took Katsu-Don (deep fried pork on the rice in the bowl)
Its size actually about 2.5 times of normal size, Mega-Katsu-Don
Very,,, I mean huge size but he ate it up easy
He ran well at Futsal so he needed to recharge energy

At that night, we played another Futsal game for 2 hours
Then another 1 hour game with Brazilian team afterwards…
We felt so tired but felt also nice, very nice
My old friend cramped his leg after 10 steps running, though…
Mega Katsu-Don became the weight, maybe…

And today, Sunday, we played soccer-normal size
I had some chance to get goal but missed all of them…
Well, we won the game so it’s Ok…
I expect myself for next game now

Then, we went to another lunch as my friend suggested
I asked to go back to a Okonomiyaki place which we went a few weeks ago
We had discount coupon
But I was treated…
Thanks, merci, arigato!!!
This Okonomiyaki is Hiroshima style, with noodle
But the chef is from here (90%)
Probably he study to cook at Hiroshima…
I’m from Tokoname…
I feel Hiroshima in it enough! Yummy and nice volume!!!
I don’t care if it taste like real Hiroshima style or not
It is my favorite Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki for me!
There was lots of customers so it means popular taste

“Donki” is the name

On the way back home, my old friend YSK dropped in some 2nd hand shops
And I found nice bodum plunger unfortunately…?
I already have smaller one but I wanted bigger one and I like this design…
I got some coins these days…
Nice price with new-eld model
I take this to Hokkaido!
Someone want to drink coffee with me???

Then, here is a lady who I’m interested in very much these days
I bought her CD after a long time
I remember her first single “Hello Hello” came from the radio
I was sleepy after whole night job at factory but I got energy from this song
I can say I like her, her music is one of my favorite
Well, nobody need this introduction from me…

Tomorrow, I might do a fun stuff at color leaves place..

“Business Trip”

One of my friend “ZIRO” gave us a job
ZIRO‘s co-workers and 5 of us
We worked at Kawasaki port area in Kanagawa
It was fun to work with good friends as playing with money!
Though, it was tough for time-wise…
Left home at 5:00, back home at 0:30


At resting room
Table tennis and darts were there for the rest

Worked at very tall ship
Lots of cars ready to go abroad


“Snow Season Start”

Today was the first day for this season
I borrowed nice gear from my snowboarder friends
So, I did snowboarding, not telemark skiing for the first day

We caught up with a friend at a highway service area

It was my first time to go skiing at Yeti ski field
It’s locating at the bottom of Mt Fuji
Man made snow but good enough for this time I guess!
Some people play golf at next field
It was strange feeling

We charged energy for the drive back home
We had nice heavy hamburg at a family restaurant which is special one for Shizuoka area

This area besides of Mt Fuji so we can see it from everywhere
It is rich view!

It was quite nice traffic jam…
We took local way on the half way and it goes faster than toll road
It feels very nice to go faster than toll way at free way!



After this one week
Wiring job from next week
It means my job is finished

Big Sun, give us  clean power!!!


“Why, Why?”

I don’t know the reason but my face got rash…
Sun burn, maybe?
My eyes might be closed
I don’t know why
But there is still nice color in the sky at evening

And the lights of high-way from car

(Lights in the sky is something reflection, BTW)


“Both Way”

I didn’t feel anything but I heard a small sound
So that, we stepped off a rare place
It was nice blue sky morning…

We had nice weather to work at outside
And we had nice and safe drive among the lights of city

Time to go to bed for today at 9



I know it, I feel it…
My body works slower and weaker than years ago…
But I get angry for myself when I shoot and fly far away
Well, I feel sad for myself sometime…
I played soccer in this weekend with like that condition
And, it was so fun at the end
Then ready to go to bed now…

There was a meeting of engine-paragliders in the sky



Shoji door at my house
Shadow and light through the paper
Nice and soft that I like

Sunset time at sea shore
Just enough light in the sky and shadow make it shine more
Its softness makes me calm and relax

Pine showed clear at the last moment
This soft and smooth gradation and the blackness of the tree
I like it


I’ve been here since I was baby but still I don’t get tired


“Old 4 U, New 4 Me”

I got a new pair of shoes for Futsal
2nd hand of my friend
ShoeGooed it,
Brand New, kind of!

She slept well for a while  in my friend’s car
Time to fly now!