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Month: January, 2013

“Welcome Home, RED-chan”

It is after a while to see winter-ish snow fall
Pretty cold air at outside in this morning as well

With this snowy weather, RED-chan came back from her repairing days
She was away during this no snow falling days, very good timing

Then she works hard with Mr A
You are so strong!
Angels were also missed your great job 🙂

So now, it’s time for me to move my ass…

“Full Again”

Attacking with high in calories
Atchan’s Tendon for dinner tonight!

Look at vegetables and feels apart from calories

Getting crisp nicely

Chef Atchan and audience Will

High in calories, yummmmm…

So, it was tasty, yummy, I feel happy 🙂


2nd update of today!

I cooked Tartiflette for dinner as I announced
It was so delicious!
And I forgot to take that photo as my useless style…
Please try to smell it from this empty plate 😉

It was valuable wrapping paper but in garbage can now

Warabi-Mochi for the dessert
This flatmate Will from Hong Kong cooked it
Thanks Will, I love our sweets all the time 🙂

So now, it’s time to escape from this great house…
I had enough yummy stuff!

“C U Guys Again!”

The last day with French Tour with Yuji yesterday
It got warmer and no fresh snow for a few days but there was still nice condition place!
I’m always surprised that this side and another side of the mountain pass is so different
We met Suganuma-san & Tsukahara-san, and Tohru-kun & Alex at the car park…
Then there was several demo-Skiers with huge cameras at restaurant at the top of ski hill
Well, I couldn’t recognized any of them…
They know the place

Guide from France had to go back earlier so we drove to Chitose Airport after skiing
Then there was a usual problem (for us) with the weight of luggage…

I left with them at Niseko, and I hope they will enjoy powpow at central Hokkaido!

Came back to friend’s house and took shower quickly, then jogged to Niseko Station
Jog & walk took about 20 mins to get there
Then drink and talk with Colin who leave Japan today (tomorrow for last night)

Colin‘s friends from oversea seems so happy with this system – Â¥1,000 for All You Can Drink in few hours!
I had great time with them and could came back to this comfy couch before the date change

Ce soir, Tartiflette!!?

“Merci Beaucoup”

I got a new friend, Yuji who comes from same local area
Now, his clients are here from France…
I could ask a souvenir in time…
Then I joined to their ski tour for my thanks!

We had late lunch after enjoyed couple of runs on creamy powder at Chise and Nito
It was new cafe/restaurant for myself

6 of us ordered same burger
Added soft drink, then cake and coffee afterward
I got too much treat!

So, I got the thing finally!
It smells so well
Look forward to taste it
Yuji holding 2 of them 🙂


Ski Tune-Up shop BONTAK which I visit often during winter
I went there to take their working scene shots for sample use

I went to Mt Yotei with a new friend from Norway, who is my friend’s friend
I’m supported by this kind of friends all the time, I’m very happy to meet this kind of people!
Spreading the circle of this world friend’s relation 🙂

It was really nice day and skiing down with looking at sun-pillar

It was creamy snow by this warm air but still very fun riding!

And now, eyelid is super heavy…


I finally got out from that comfy trap after 2 weeks!
I had a dinner with other friends and it was good opportunity to escape
Here is that dinner, this Kakiage-Tenpura was much bigger than its menu photo 🙂
So, I like this place!

I had job for 2 nights 3 days after this dinner night
It was at nice and friendly ski hill, Niseko Moiwa
Lots of big guys gathered there, golden juice, endless powpow days made those days so fun!
Thank you very much Bravo Ski for this great chance!

Hostel’s dog lingered by the window when the last persons leaving

I saw off the last 4 ski-bums, then I came into the trap again…

Nope, I will get out here in a few days!


I was thinking to go skiing at Moiwa in this morning to do a hiding practice but not so hard
On the way to chair lift from its center-house, mobile phone called me
Colin asked me if I want to go touring at Mt Yotei with him, and my plan was changed easily
We started hike up at 11 am, mellow start…
It was great weather and nice snow
We did nice shooting but grudge them for now…
But I want to use photo in this page…

Snow throwing machine at my friend’s house which feels not so good at the moment
I hope she comes back soon from her hospital!


I’m still here, at my friend’s place
Here is nice tasty Greek style Yoghurt, by my friend
Unfortunately it’s too nice having a scoop of bigger spoon to leave here
I should better to stay here a little bit longer…? 😉

The system for dinner here is, just buy ingredients and then ask the menu to a lady
So here, bring some chicken and nicer oil changed to this deep fries

A client who I worked for during new year time came back to Niseko
Her ski teacher and I were invited to dinner
Went to an Okonomiyaki place near her hotel

I felt sorry-but just a tiny bit- to have beer jut myself, 2 of them…
It was fun to have chat as well!

There was another funny happening at the end as well…
Look forward to seeing you on snow again 🙂

“Talking 2 Myself”

These days…
I stuck in a trap of friend’s house…
There is a reason to be here to make my PC’s folder in order
Well, here is warmer than my guest room, and lots of sweets for my tummy
I should better to get out here ASAP to keep my character as TokonameKin…

Latest toaster…, I couldn’t use it by myself at first
Though, I just needed to push some button…

When I look at outside, there is nice view of Mt Yotei with Angels
Not new stuff but always fresh

I went to Early Bird Ski Touring and took care of his last turn before his work..

Enjoyed another morning POW by myself at Moiwa where started new idea for Off-Pisters…

Now, folders in my PC is quite simple and time to leave from this trap
Maybe I should stay here until this weekend?
No no no….
Well well well…