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Month: December, 2012

“at The End of The Year, 2012”

I have arrived at Hokkaido after long driving from Aichi
And here is that records…

Packing was done by that departing morning
Just chucked them into my guest room
I wondered if there is enough space to sleep…?

After everything settled in my car, just keep driving
Head to north, just look at north
I passed through Nagoya city before noon, which wasn’t so cold…, at all

Slow and safe drive took hours to get to Hakuba
From warmer Nagoya to cold winter-ish Hakuba
My sense didn’t follow for this temperature

This photo was at that next morning, windy and cold morning

I could stay at the same place as usual at Hakuba, INDRES House
So that I didn’t need to worry about the space for my body

In next day, I started driving afternoon to move to Niigata for catching ferry
I was stuck by slowslow speed around Tokamachi by the weather
And I could take this nice road maintain facility’s photo
Well, I took it while I stopped by signal…

An another signal, there is party looks lights from next car
I don’t know why he put that much screens in a car
And there is 2 of screens at the behind of the back-back seat
For…, who?
I don’t understand it at all…

Ferry was the next morning
There was an info about stormy weather
And it was YES!
I just lying down all the way, ALL THE WAY

Here we go, Zangi-land, Hokkaido!
fried chicken

I thought it was the first skiing day at Niseko yesterday but it was rain and I didn’t go
Today, too much wind to run the lift at Moiwa in morning and I chose not to go
Then I went to Onsen and feels fresh!
New year is good to start with fresh feeling 🙂

I’m here, at a CD/DVD rental shop 2 days in a row, several hours each
I still have few things to do but it’s good to stop
I continue it at new year days

So, I always spend happy days and getting older every year
And I know it will be another happy year for next one
I should better to get out from this space to have fun time for the last moment of 2012 now!

Hope everyone spend nice and smiley hours for finishing 2012
And, Happy New Year!!!

🙂 😉 😀

“Stuff For The End Of Year”

It’s almost the end of the year
Time went by so fast on December
I still have few topics for this blog, though…
Run out of time for this year…
I may use it in a few weeks?

I went to play Futsal for the last chance in 2012
Well, this photo is from another night’s one…
It was so fun last night so that I forgot to take photo as usual!

I washed my car before I head to Snowy place
By hand
With sponge, dip in tap water
It wasn’t so cold, though
Let’s have fun together in cold!

Ummmm, I didn’t go to see yellow leaves at neighbor park
I wonder it’s looks like this, falling falling falling

Tomorrow will be the packing day for Tuesday’s starting of tirp
Chuck everything into my guest room!

“The First One”

Winter 12-13 started today!
We went to Ciao Ontake which set the ticket price only ¥1,000 until 27th of Dec
Z&Z were my company for the day!
“Something always happen on the way up the hill on frozen the road”

“There is a beautiful mountain at behind…”

“There is another beautiful mountain at in front…”

Now, I should start to prepare for the winter trip very soon
Here is some more things to do before that trop preparation…
Those are happy stuff so I should do my best 😉


The color was changed so quickly on the neighbor’s wall
Lovely 🙂

Futsal time at night
After 1 hour playing, I did it again on left ankle
Sprained AGAIN as all the time
It’s not fun to watch guys keep playing another 1 hour…

Will it be Ok for this Sunday’s soccer???


I went push-biking to take something in the digi-box
It was pretty cold yesterday but warm and clam today 🙂

There is still lots of spaces in this area
I wonder when the land reform start…

I want to cross this bridge ASAP…
I hope it allows us to pass through by bike or walk one day!