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Month: March, 2013

“Nearly The Last”

I came back to that friend place again
I was led by the smell of cheese this time, again…
We had another friends visiting and had Cheese Night #2!

Host couple got in rush for preparation of table

There is some Reblochon in their fridge somehow, and so I cooked Tartiflette 😉
“In Tartiflett We Trust” by

Happy family joined, and had full of smiles all the night

The next day, I visited another friend’s house which I hadn’t been
I went to Liquor shop to buy 6 packs, then I found a bottle of Whisky which I was interested in…
So, we had few more choice to taste
I guess you understand, don’t you?
It’s quite normal, isn’t it?

I put alpine boots today again
We didn’t expect that nice snow up there
It was so fun with good friend, without backpack 🙂
We finished skiing by noon, though
And I’m here, writing this blog in this mellow afternoon

That way for tomorrow, this way for the day after tomorrow
And then, which way for 3 days later?

“Hours By Myself”

Is it 2nd day for this winter to go skiing without backpack?
I feel uncomfortable without it
I feel chilly without it
Well, it’s spring time, weather is just Ok, and nobody go skiing with…
So, I went to Moiwa again!
I started a little bit late but not so many people there
Because it is spring..?
Heavy but smooth clean surface in front of me all the time 🙂
I felt solid snow underneath sometime but it was so fun!

I visited that my friend’s comfy house again
One of them just came back from France
So, there were lots of Cheese on the table!
No much cheese in this photo but there is a part of it 😉

Then, I kept staying there until late night to watch soccer on TV
The result wasn’t nice but it’s still going forward
I hope they will have more motivation to get more shoot chance!
Go Nippon!!!

And, I slept there.., it was yesterday…

Today, I went back to Moiwa once again
I wore alpine boots today to enjoy the 3D shape ski from Field Earth Design
And it was FUN!
By myself again…
Looked at behind, there was only my line

There was fresh-ish field in front

Mellow spring weather make me sleepy all the time…


Nothing goes as planned, which is quite common thing to be said
I had another plan if the one was canceled
So, I joined to a local race on this Saturday & Sunday
There were lots of racers at Niseko Moiwa
I guess nobody need what I did..? No racing…
Yesterday was pretty cold with wind
Today was warmer with smily sunshine!

Excuse me, but I’m so sorry for racers who I couldn’t focus well…
I will train to follow you fast guys
But here is nice image with colored data..?
Well, I won’t do these stuff next time!!!

Then I came to here, my office (unofficial)

I got a call while I was typing the key of my PC
So, I will prepare to do several hours driving during the night
Head to Asahidake, first time for this winter!


I didn’t do anything special at Furano at the end
What I did there…, watched DVD by myself and reading…
About 7 hours staying at McD Furano…
Chuck, head guide of HPG found me when I was hanging out at a park nearby his house in 2nd morning at Furano
So, we chatted for a while under drizzle weather

I drove to Sapporo from Frano, no rush at all
Did some window shopping which I most excited to do
Made my head compact and lighter
Changed engine oil which was delayed…

It was nice to do driving under the calm and warm spring-ish weather
On the other hand, I feel sad about finishing winter, also be anxious about the chance…

Stopped at suburb of Sapporo last night
I found a Kanji which I was interested in…
There is a story about dialect in Japanese between my friends and me
It’s not easy for me to explain in English so please read my Japanese blog and try to understand… 😉

Well, I have been noticed some small wrong/mistake knowledge by my friends
About the word above, or food menu, etc
I’m very happy to have this kind of close friends around me 🙂

Today, I had another mellow drive
And I’m in Niseko now
At the same corner of the cafe, typing key with a cup of coffee

I go skiing tomorrow!!?
I still feel something strange from that last camping…, is it just my imagination or delusion?

“Fun vs. Fatigue”

Just 1 weeks ago, I drove to Asahikawa from Niseko
In this winter, whenever I go trip, there is stormy weather on the way…
There was almost zero visibility between Niseko and Kutchan…
It was scary and so much stress, made me very tired quickly

I was thinking to go to the road along ocean at first, but too much snow to remove from the road so that that mountain pass was closed
I changed the way to national road, and it was quite nice and smooth, good visibility then easy to go to Asahikawa!

Then, it was kind of disaster when I arrived at Asahikawa city
Even main roads or residential area, the surface was sooooooo bumpy!
There was also quite big gap, and it made me super tired by mind-wise…
I wondered if I can drive like that road condition with nice SUV or a truck with huge tires

My bedroom changed so messy when I arrived at parking area for the night…
To put them in order made me tired again…

Maybe I had 3 hours sleep at that night…?
Probably not…
Anyway, our plan was still going forward!

3 of us, same member as 2 years ago’s trip, we did another nice trip to mountain again!

This stuff gave me the last relaxing moment until we come back from mountain
This chair, very popular for foreign people as well…

The weather was good for us, kind of…
Story’s detail will be showed on paper in several months I guess!
Maeda-X, Moto-san, thanks for sharing that happy days 🙂

We came back to town after few days, then I drove to another town to see my friend, about 3 hours drive
I made yesterday completely OFF, its mellow drive is so nice
Between Bie and Furano, a monster appeared in front of me
It says, “top: weight=19t, 2nd: I don’t know that meaning but seems heavy enough.., 3rd: tire weight=9.5t, bottom: ground contact pressure(?)=234.6kg/cm”
Once we crossed with a sightseeing bus and this one was much bigger that that…
I guess, if I attack to him from behind, he doesn’t feel anything 😉

I drove back to Furano from Shintoku today
I feel my body got lots of damage..,
which is a reason why I did couple of sleep over, tidy up my backpack from camping, went to Onsen at noon time…
Well, I still feel strange at every my joints…
I need grease for it…


I expected to come back to winter again…
It didn’t work…
Well, I can’t help for it
Respect nature 🙂

“BONTAK”, a shop which I go to do tune-up my ski often during Hokkaido winter
I heard its head tuner BON will go back to New Zealand soon
So, we had dinner together at his house
His daughter is very cute, better to see her!

Sound of rain from outside
I feel sad with this in spring time

Yama-chan works at “BONTAK”
He looks happy and fun somehow!!?

BON’s tune-up, I recommend it!

Dessert after denner
Combo of Pino-ice with strawberry and whip cream.., yum!

BON, take care for yourself
I wish you get good condition ASAP!

“Returned to Hokkaido!”

I stayed at Nagano few days more after that f-stop event at Hakuba
I went location hunting for shooting with SHU, quite long driving hours

A moment for resting at Lake Aoki

Local restaurant at Happo, this place is just ¥600 for lunch!
Sorry for Hama-chan, but you didn’t answer the phone…

We went to Royal Hill at Lake Shirakaba for Halfpipe shooting
I joined to INDRES Formation‘s filming from morning to evening under the bluesky
I got nice tan on my face…
I could stay for a night at Kurumayama Kogen, nice relaxing room!
Thank you very much, Toru-san and SHUューへー your organizing!

Morning view from our room

Ziroも came over from Tokoname to Royal Hill
So, I chose my ticket from Centrair/Chubu to Chitose!
I stopped at my home for a night, it was perfect plan 🙂

I took this photo at a Service Area on the way back to Tokoname from Nagano
Really lack of common sense truck driver there…
I wondered if there is their company’s name on it…

So, I could fly from Centrair/Chubu without any problems…

I had great napping flight on Skymark…

I arrived at my Sweet-Home/Guest-Room after 2 weeks and it looks still nice!

Spring is here at Hokkaido…
No more Powpow magic?

This is my slideshow for the event at Hakuba,
f-stop Mountain Shootout 🙂

f-stop Mountain Shootout 2013 from Tokonamekin on Vimeo.

“f-stop Mountain Shootout”

The reason why I came to Hakuba
f-stop, a camera bag brand from USA which I have been supported, their Japanese distributor invited me to their organized event

6 pro-photographer and their snowboarders go photo shooting for 3 days and showed them each other at the end
5 of us-Japanese and 1 Dutch, 6 of us total
All of them are well known and so I was so happy to share the event with them
And, it was so fun days!

A shot when we leave hotel in morning
Can you see my logo, “Always Smooth Riding” germ?

Yuki Okamoto, who I asked to be my model, smiled for this big queue for the first chair ride…

Went to Backcountry, and this one is during we waited for the fog cleared

Andy, Mr f-stop Japan who followed photo-shooting crew to take their work

I put my gears on bed to make them dry for the rest during night

Morning shooting at the last day
We headed to a place before the sun comes up
We needed to wait for 2 hours because the ridge was much higher than we thought
Well, I found lots of stuff to take before the sun showed so I enjoyed it as well
earlier morning

Back to hotel, then started to make a slideshow
Between in the dark room, walking around corridor and found an nice angle

We had Slideshow event at the last night, at Cre Cafe in Hakuba Happo town
Some of my friends came over and made me very happy!

Nice atmosphere during the show

Congrats ENDO!
Your photo, your self-shots, talking are so good!
This photo was from a night when all we had a dinner together and focus stopped for ENDO somehow…

Thank you for all of you guys, Higai-san, MIHO, ZIZO, Peter-Paul, Ian and Mr f-stop Japan-Andy
It was amazing days!
I really hope to join to it next year again
Please invite me!

Moved to INDRES house afterward
I went to shooting with their new leader  SHU these few days
It became really warm here…
Rain today…
Still we tried to do shooting, though

It’s already been March
I head back to Hokkaido on 5th plane!
I fly from Centrair by some nice timing 😉