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Month: April, 2011


Try to make a room
Try to apart from TV to work better…
Then, my homepage moved to forward a little bit
Just a little bit as a beginner…
It means, just a tiny tiny bit……

I will try to do faster tomorrow!
Well, it’s today now…


Friends since our Univ. age
They are doing very well there and over there
And I got great benefit of them in same time
It’s very comfortable
No pressure nor any reason of nervous

Thanks a lot and lotssss!

Ummmm, I still got tired from the lighting stuff…
which I’m not used to be good with…

“Playing at Night”

It has been funny spring weather these days
Rain suddenly when it’s showed sunny icon on the news…

Snails should be busy I guess…

We have great facility to play Futsal in our town, “Sempre FC
Surface is still a little bit wet but no problem to play at all!
Enjoyed it 2 nights in a row
Looking for next time to play!

player : YsK

“Night Session”

I forget to find a chance to trip the shutter as usual…
We started to play Futsal when it still rained lightly
Started chatting at clubhouse afterward
Changed place to a family restaurant for more chatting

I had fun time with local friends until late-late night

I finally found a moment to push just before leaving…
At the end of great useful meeting…

“Spring Time, Almost?”

I went to a peak of hill
Well, we started hike up after Gondola ride…
And I got nice sun tan

I went to big city, Nagoya today
I was scared by that big size and didn’t take any photos…

I took a walk from the 2nd closest railway station to home
There is full of calm scenes as always

Most of hours I spend time with PC these days
I don’t have nice chair and so my butt is very uncomfortable…

“Go 4 A Walk After A While”

It has been nice weather since I came home
Warm air and smells of flowers as spring time
There is nice sound and smell from bay

I wonder why there is so many shells at beach…


“Back Home”

4 months in Hokkaido for winter
It became very busy after that disaster and passed so quickly
It was another great winter, instead of that disaster…

I got dizzy when I visited Sapporo City right after snow camping…

A nice dinner with Mr & Mrs Yamazaki in Sapporo

Mt Yotei shoed beautiful when I stopped at Niseko for 2 days

Noodle for lunch with friends, eating 1st, taking photo 2nd as usual…

Self-Defense Forces trucks reminds me the reality
And the 1st bath right after boarding ferry, there was full of SDF boys…

The High-Way between Niigata port and my hometown
I missed the way at a junction but I found the way with familiar lighting

It was about 7000km driving for this winter trip

It is busy at the closest castle park because a Japanese TV series these days
New Convenience Store appeared about 3 minute walk area
I came home during cherry blossom season after a while
Cut hair after 4 months of its freedom
And stuff is still sitting on all over the floor…


“The Last Event?”

I had been far away from internet
But we still had some reception of mobile phone sometime
Winter snow camp in 4 days 5 nights
It was quite far away and heavy backpack
Well, we had great experience instead of that suffering

The day is coming closer to go back home

It passed so quickly this 1 month…
It was very nice and busy days