“3 Games in a Row”

by takkahero

Last Night
The first time to play soccer since I came home from NZ!
We didn’t have enough number then moved goals for half-court-size
Actually it was nice for me after 5 weeks no hard running days

This Morning
I was called for this game at last night when we had beers
I come to this field since I was kid and many memories
I started to play after 15 mins past
I played at DF, not used to it so I had to think different things…
Well, it was still FUN!

Before Noon
Another game at the same field
I was asked them because they just have the number of players
So, I started as a bench-warmer
I started to play from second half
But, soooooo fun!

I met few good friends there after a while

There is familiar faces between different teams…, somehow
There is familiar faces in opponent team…, somehow
I guess this mellow style makes this league nice atmosphere 😉