“Wanaka After Flyings”

by takkahero

Auckland – Queenstown – Methven – Christchurch – Wanaka
I’m in happy days of 2nd half without any update of happy days of 1st half!
There was so many moving, meeting, drinking, laughing with 2 companies in that 1st half 🙂

And now, I came to Wanaka by myself
And here is many friends again and more happy days 🙂
But I can’t keep this happy hours…
Waitings in fog and wind on snow…

There is many topics but most of them are not so nice for here, so please check them out on the magazine in several months

At Wanaka, I’m walking there and there

“Pressed” which we can find around here easily

“Afternoon Break”

“Chestnut Lady” at a street corner
It’s not the same one as our Japanese one, though…
It’s pretty nice as a snack!
Tasty stuff, but I didn’t see her today…

Training in town after training at mountain
World Cup competitors are athlete!

Super relaxing moment at a friend house

The sight on the hill is like this most of the time since I came here
Well, this one is slightly better than most of the day…
“Gradation By Human”

Are you feel sick, Mr Sky?

I hope the weather get better for this weekend
I wish this World Cup will be able to finish nicely!