“Wedding at Osaka”

by takkahero

2nd wedding in this month
I joined to it as a photographer today 😉

Osaka is the place
I don’t remember when I came to Osaka at last time…
Ziro and I left Tokoname in this early morning and then we could arrived at Osaka in time easily!

Cookie for participants

Doll of the bride and groom which was on wedding cake
Yes, they are snowboarder!
I had been photo shooting with this groom “Pocky” couple of times

The sign for Wedding Party at evening
2nd party

Before we head back to Hotel…
3 of us, team Aichi dropped in a Izakaya-Japanese bar
Its chair is the case of Sake is quite nice idea!
And Sae of Shoo joined to us, just one girl makes the atmosphere shiny 😉

Sae lead us to Mr glico during our short walking
So, posing like him as typical tourist..?

Mt glico, up-side-down in river

One of a guide to get back to hotel, showroom of Lamborghini
There is some other luxury car showrooms in the same area like Ferrari and McLaren
I felt big city style

Pocky for souvenir from Pocky!
It was like this when I went to Nabe-chan’s 2 weeks ago
Snack brand collaborate like this these days?
I can’t eat it, too nice to break it…
Well, I ate Nabe-chan’s but I opened it very gentle and keeping it!

Congrats Pocky & Kanako!