“Petit Sightseeing in Osaka”

by takkahero

After a fun night at Osaka…
Had a light breakfast at business hotel
Chill out at room again until check-out time
Moved to another car-park to catch up with Shoo & Sae

Arrived at there a little bit earlier so Ziro and I took a walk

Found the sign up there
1 night stay at hotel with ¥380!!?
There is a term but it’s real

Menu sample of a cafe
The color of strawberry for pancake is green…
Looks like chocolate cake at lower shelf, but it’s for white sandwich’s……
I guess they have been workking very hard for long time 😉

Shoo & Sae joined to use and head to early lunch
Entered there right after they opened
Long green onion stuff was so yummy!!!
When we came out the restaurant, there was long queue out there

Another walking on the way back to car-park
Steps by cat on someone’s dusty car…

Sae on fashionable refined shoes…
Thank you to join and took us to fun places!

And I’m at home now after few hours drive with Ziro

Again, Pocky & Kanako, congratulation for your marriage! 🙂