“Off Shot”

by takkahero

Relaxing moments during photo shooting trip
It’s fun because there is great company to go with
Lots more taste with great company to go with
Great company to go with…
Thank you for all of your effort, INDRES Formation!

At first, a view from Hotel Senjojiki at Komagatake
There is Mt Fuji in the distance when it’s nice weather 🙂

Director of INDRES Formation
Bring his gears to film riders wherever they go

Fortunately we could listen playing horn at Senjojiki
It feels pretty good to have like this chance at higher mountain

Faces of crew at Komagatake
Showing big smile before their walking down to our car!

I found this sign on the way to Yuzawa from Komagatake
I will try to make time to have it for next chance
Does anyone know that nice and yummy info?
What is “Romen” anyway???

Crew for shooting at Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort

This is a lunch break at a place
There is tons of bugs flying around, no chance do shooting…
Soooooo annoy!

Micro Video Camera, getting super good performance
This one has brilliant stuff for super slow mode

There is tough tension sometime
There is mellow and easy atmosphere sometime
Trying to do the best shooting as much as they can

Just go forward to make own taste 🙂