“20th Week of 2013”

by takkahero

Actually it was on 19-20th week 😉

I joined to wedding party of my friend Nabe-chan
So happy for them, thanks for sharing that great atmosphere!

I drove during night after that wedding party
Visiting Senjojiki Curl at Komagatake!

There is still lots of snow above 2600M
The view from there is so nice to see!
We still can go skiing/snowboarding over there until the end of May
They regulate activity for alpine flora from June

Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort in Niigata after that Komagatake shooting
I joined to INDRES Formation over there again

This shot is from detour with Hama-chan’s bird’s car-navigation system 😉

We went back there again, “Ishin”
Everyone play with smart-phone to divert their hunger…

So glad to have normal size and satisfied with it!
I finally could take it, avoid extra but free noodle after 3 times visiting with yield to temptation

Bowl menu at BBQ shop “Ishi Dora”

“Sekiyama” where very friendly lady waits on customers
I hesitate to pick one up for a while and chose fish dish finally but it was run out…
But, thick ginger pork dish was yummy!
I guess the volume of rice in this area is bigger than the other places
And if you take big size, it becomes much bigger than the other places…

This season will be finished in 2 days at Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort
There is still nice terrain park with good shape
Look forward to come back in several months!

The last dinner with 3 of us for finishing this shooting trip
“Echigoya”, its entrance interior is beautiful
There is huge Rice-Ball menu there but I didn’t have enough motivation to take it…
Everything taste great with yummy rice from this area!

I went to drive with Shoo on the way back home
Dropped by Nozawa-Onsen
I think I did ski at this slope when I was Jr High School student…?
I counted how many years ago…, and it was a quarter of century

And then there is Norikuradake on almost the way back home
Another hiking time for the last moment

Started hiking around 2:30pm, late…
We planed no skiing and took light gears
Walked on bus-road to go up, then came down on snow and bamboo

The scene is very spring
Well, it’s already middle of May
But there is some snow left at some places…

To be continued…?